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Meet Nikki Williams, designer and entrepreneur. Nikki was raised on a farm near Sofala, New South Wales, Australia. Her career spans to Europe and back finally creating a brand in her name sake in Australia.

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Bag of the day

10 Reliable Gym and Workout Backpacks You’ll Surely Love

best gym backpacks

Health is wealth is what they usually say. Whether you go to the gym for your overall health and fitness, reaching a personal goal, training for a competition, working on your strength, agility, sports training, or just wanting to shed extra pounds, you need a lightweight, sturdy, reliable, and spacious workout bag.

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28 mins ago

Bag of the day

A Deep Dive into the Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

brown kanken backpack

From backpackers to travel bloggers, everyone wants a bag that is both fashionable and functional. But with all the choices today, how do you find a bag that’s built to last while fitting in with your wardrobe? Kanken backpacks, which have been the world’s go-to adorable backpacks for nearly 50 years, are the perfect combination of cute and handy, and exactly what you’ve been searching for.  But before you fall in love with this bag, …

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4 days ago

Louis Vuitton

San Francisco and Chicago’s Louis Vuitton Stores Were Left With Empty Shelves After Coordinated Ransackings

louis vuitton storefront

During the past weeks, several Louis Vuitton stores in Chicago and San Francisco got robbed by groups of people who rushed into the stores and within minutes managed to steal merchandise worth over $100,000. Videos showing vandalism and looting inside the stores have gone viral and were shared widely across social media. Here’s the list describing the events, starting with the latest robberies.

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2 weeks ago

Handbag Care

Handbag Repair Shops in New Orleans

new orleans

Handbag Repair Directory > Handbag & Purse Repair Shops in Louisiana The most unique city in the USA, New Orleans is the home of Jazz, Mardi Gras, and an incredible selection of world-famous cuisine. However, despite its incredible atmosphere, the city’s night life can wreak havoc on your favorite bags. Additionally, the heat and humidity can cause no end of problems, so it’s important to take good care of your bag.

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2 weeks ago

Bag of the day

Top 10 Most Affordable Designer Bags

agneel bella calfskin bag

Calling all designer bag enthusiasts and budding designer bag collectors, it’s almost the end of 2021 and our wardrobe needs reorganizing and a refresh. Let’s think about our fashion decisions, style choices and purchases this year, have they slightly changed? Whether you’re planning to do a big wardrobe cleanup or just a little update on some items, here are some things to consider when choosing a handbag – affordability, timelessness, style and durability.

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2 weeks ago

Handbag Reviews

Vegan Handbags That Will Make You Ditch Leather Forever

ministry of tomorrow featured

Leather Who? Well-made products shouldn’t have to come at the expense of an animal’s life, and bags are no exception. If you’re an eco-conscious fashionmonger on the hunt for superior quality vegan bags, you’ve come to the right place. Keep in mind that true vegan handbags aren’t just made of synthetic materials, but hail from companies who uphold ethical manufacturing processes and business practices too, such as strict bans on animal testing. The following list …

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3 weeks ago


Gucci Boston


Gucci Store Locator – Main Page Are you residing in or near the city of Boston? If you are, here is a list of Gucci boutiques with their contact information, address, hours of operation and of course what they offer in each store. Saks Boston Prudential Center – Handbags In this Gucci boutique, you will find watches, jewelry, women’s bags, accessories and ready-to-wear, men’s bags and accessories. This Gucci is situated inside Saks the Fifth …

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1 month ago


Handbag Repair Shops in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach

Handbag Repair Directory > Handbag & Purse Repair Shops in Virginia Home to the longest pleasure beach in the world, you’d be forgiven for spending most of your time on the waterfront when you’re in the Virginia Beach area. However, all the sun, sand, and sea air can take their toll on your favorite bags.

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1 month ago

Bag of the day

Neely & Chloe No. 45 The Twist Tote Nubuck

Neely And Chloe No. 45 The Twist Tote Nubuck

I love the look of nubuck. It screams luxuriousness. And it’s perfect for the fall/winter season. The matte look of nubuck allows the different depths of color of the leather to be showcased. The interior is one large opening with two slip pockets and one zipped pocket, for you to stow your valuables. This Neely & Chloe Twist Tote is the perfect tote with the accent twist to set it apart and be an eye-catcher. …

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12 months ago

Bag of the day

Neely & Chloe No. 17 Large Cosmetic Case Pebble

Neely Chloe Handbags Pebble Cosmetic Pouch Scarlet Large

These Neely & Chloe leather cosmetic pouches are the perfect shape. They open up with a wide mouth so you can find exactly what you need in a pinch. That’s one of my pet peeves; a large good sized pouch with a small opening. That’s not the case here. The trapezoid shape allows for the bottom to have a wide bottom for large storage and allows the opening to be large and the contents to …

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1 year ago