Bucket bags? Groundbreaking, we know! Much like a statement-making necklace or a coveted pair of heels, we all know that a serious arm candy will never stop our hearts from beating faster. The drawstring bag is quite frankly one of the most functional bags ever designed.

Seriously, the bucket bag hauls our day-to-day essentials while still maintaining a swingy and sturdy silhouette that conveniently cinches the top. When a bag is equally functional as it is fashionable, what’s not to love?

A bag that expands for all our schlepping (and sometimes more) while making us look effortlessly chic only means one thing and one thing only; we’ll be knee deep in designer bucket bags for as long as they exist!

From Mansur Gavriel to Sophie Hulme, we’ve picked ten designer bucket bags that work with everything.

1. Danse Lente Mini Lorna Leather Bucket Bag

Danse Lente Mini Lorna Leather Bucket Bag

Here’s the Mini Lorna Bucket Bag by Dance Lente. This has to be the essence of an inseparable companion in a bag!

This eye-catching structural piece is your fashion savior when you can’t face squeezing into a small black dress. This highly instagrammable bucket bag is effortlessly striking, functional and simply timeless.

With a lot more structure and versatility to boot, the Mini Lorna bucket bag instantly adds a little zing to your closet. It is perfectly suited for an important evening date or a casual day out.

The bag holds such an admirable quality, and every time it’s on display, people need to touch it! With a bag so beautiful, I’m sure you won’t mind if everyone asks you where you found it. Right?

Where you can get it:

2. Aspinal of London Mini Padlock Bucket Bag

Aspinal of London Mini Padlock Bucket Bag orange

We can’t seem to get enough of slouchy bucket bags, and this Mini Padlock Bucket Bag may be our new favorite. I mean, this is such a lush color on a simple yet elegant, cute, quirky Mini Bucket Bag!

Part of the Aspinal Padlock Family, this classically demure bucket bag takes your outfit from average to amazing with very little effort! All you have to do is pair this bucket bag with a pair of sunnies on your way into town, and suddenly you’ll be glad you bumped into your ex ‘cos you look smokin’.

Where you can get it:

3. Mansur Gavriel Leather Bucket Bag

Mansur Gavriel Leather Bucket bag black

You didn’t hear this from us…but if there is one bucket bag that is sure to elicit squeals of delight and jealousy from your friends, it’s the Mansur Gavriel Leather Bucket bag.

This bucket bag is the real it-bag. If you’re looking for a fantastic everyday show-stopping bucket bag, we recommend this completely.

Seriously, the buttery leather will absorb your skin’s oil and life’s memories. Other than the compliments you will receive everywhere you go; your shoulder will also thank you for how lightweight the bag is.

You can put anything you want in there; from your water bottle, notebook, flat shoes, makeup and it doesn’t make it any heavier.

Where you can get it:

4. 3.1 Phillip Lim Soleil Mini Bucket Bag

3.1 Phillip Lim Soleil Mini Bucket Bag

The 3.1 Phillip Lim Soleil Mini Bucket Bag is something of a universal language. It is much of a staple style as a good pair of jeans. Really, how can you not have a great day carrying this Mini Bucket Bag?

If you’re always on the hunt for an everyday bag; one that has an infinitely feminine appeal (of course), one that you won’t get sick of and obviously, one that makes a subtle statement, this bucket bag meets all the requirements.

Starkly simple and minimalist to a fault, this bag is everything you never knew you needed!

Where you can get it:


5. Celine Lefebure Karin Bucket Bag

Celine Lefebure Karin Bucket Bag

The Celine Lefebure Karin Bucket Bag is perfect for a chic commute that says ‘I have a 9-5 but am definitely going out later’. With a piece so unique in detail, this bag easily elevates you into the ‘cool’ territory.

Hot on the heels of Mansur Gavriel, this elegant piece is designed to slot snuggly under your arm (much like a baguette), was our reaction.

Where you can get it:


6. Gvyn Yuri Bucket Bag

Gvyn Yuri Bucket Bag

There is nothing quite like an allure of Fashion Week’s newest accessory stars, and Gvyn is the new It-bag brand to start dreaming about.

We have not stopped lusting after the Yuri Bucket bag, designed by GVYN, the newcomer label from London. Rooted in supreme functionality, this bag is all you need to make a fashion statement.

I mean, there is no excuse for not bagging yourself a Gvyn Yuri Bucket Bag, before all the ‘cool’ kids get to them first.

Where you can get it:


7. SOPHIE HULME Swing Leather Bucket Bag

SOPHIE HULME Swing Leather Bucket Bag

If your still Hulme-less, it’s personal! There is no way this buttery leather or buttery colors will not add a little sunshine to your everyday ensembles.
If you love over the top statement bags that you know no one else will be wearing – this one is for you!

This bucket bag is for the drama diva in you. It has a twist on the bucket bag style and a bit more punch that will always become a major taking point whenever you waltz into a room.

Where you can get it:

8. Michael Kors Miranda Large Bucket Bag

Michael Kors Miranda Large Bucket Bag

Be honest; for a girl who spends her days on the go, you are tired of carrying your tote and your crossbody everywhere, aren’t you? And while the two-bag method works, it’s a lot.

Upgrading to a bucket bag looks and works way better. Just think how many outfits your new Michael Kors Miranda Large Bucket Bag will pull together!

Also, with such a large bucket bag, you’ll always be as prepared as a scout. Whatever you’ll need will be in there, somewhere.

Where you can get it:

9. Cuero & Mor Bucket Bag

Cuero & Mor Bucket Bag

You’ve seen a Mansur Gavriel bucket bag. You’ve probably touched it, or you may even have one. However, as much as we love this bucket bag brand, it isn’t the end-all and be-all at the bucket bag game.

We’re excited to announce that there’s a new top-dog in town and it’s by our very own Los Angeles-based brand Cuero & Mor.

I bet we call all agree that this bag is as praiseworthy as its photogenic shape.

Where you can get it:


10. Von Holzhausen Mini Bucket Bag

Von Holzhausen Mini Bucket Bag

You may not know it yet, but VON HOLZHAUSEN is a celebrity-loved brand that is doing solid things for our planet. I’m personally a huge fan of a brand that sells eco-friendly leather goods.

I believe no animal should ever suffer in the name of fashion and for those who agree with me, this bucket bag is for you.

In addition to possessing the ineffable California cool, its never been more stylish to accessorize with a conscience. Don’t you think?

Where you can get it:
• (white and black)

Have we missed any bucket bags that are perfect for every occasion? Do you agree with our list? Share your feedback or questions in the comment section down below!

About the Author: Naomy is a freelance fashion writer with a wide range of interests. She is in love with traveling, analog photography, a sci-fi fanatic and never stops exploring new aspects of life. She loves all things fashion, food and cappuccino served in cute cups. Follow her on Twitter at @NaomyBrian.

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