Anyone who has purchased a designer handbag will know what I’m talking about…the experience of bringing the loot home and unboxing it.

There is definitely ceremony involved. You look for the perfect location, free of anything that will mar your perfect bag. You gingerly open it up and delicately unfold the tissue paper and admire the pristine bag. Sadly realizing that once you start using the bag, it won’t be pristine anymore! 🙁

Now, what do you do with all the packaging material and the huge box you just dug your bag out from? Turns out there are four good reasons to save your designer gift bag, tissues, box and tags!

1. Storage

The best way to store the bag, when not in use, or out of rotation – is in its original packaging. Use the tissue paper to stuff the bag so that the shape of the bag is maintained. Place the bag inside the dust bag, ensuring all the hardware is resting nicely or wrapped in tissue paper and place the bag inside the box. The box is the perfect place to isolate and safeguard your investment.

One of the best things about using the designer box (which tend to be sturdy and made for this purpose), is that you’re able to stack multiple boxes in your closet.

Tip: Place a polaroid or photo of the bag on the outside of the box. This way you will always know which bag is inside the box.

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2. Traveling/Moving

How do you pack your designer handbags for travel? Do you get nervous putting your designer handbag inside your luggage along with your shoes and toiletries, with just a dust cover as protection? I do. Using the boxes as buffer when packing your luggage obviously only works for the smaller boxes. However, sometimes it’s the perfect solution. The box keeps the contents nice and protected and prevents anything poking or denting your bag.

3. Resale

Now it doesn’t have to happen to all bags, but sometimes, the bag falls out of favor and ends up being furniture in the back of the closet, never being taken out. That’s when you should consider resale. Depending on the condition of your bag, you can get a sweet deal on resale. One’s discard can be another’s treasure. In such cases, holding onto the original box, tissue papers, and tags add real value, not to mention credence to originality. You will get a better deal with the tags and box and original tissue for the “just like new to me”feel for the next owner.


Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM Damier Ebene tote bag

4. Sell the Box

In this age of high designer awareness, designer anything is of value. Check out how much the paper Louis Vuitton bag is going for on eBay!

authentic louis vuitton store bags ebay

This storage box alone is selling for $45! Now that’s an investment that pays you back!


Here is another example of a Chanel box.

empty Chanel handbag box on ebay

If you don’t need to use the box for storage, you can exchange for cash! How awesome is that?!

Tip: Not only can you sell your paper bag, box, and receipt card holder, but also even the dust bags.

Can you think of another reason to hold onto your boxes? If you do, please let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Middlepath

    January 16, 2019 2:26 pm

    Those who sell designer bags and boxes should be made aware, that those are often used to pass knock-off bags as authentic. So by selling your bags, you could be making a quick buck, but you are doing so by helping rip others off. I’m sure there are exceptions, those looking to replace packaging that might have been damaged for example. But they are definitely the exception.

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