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If you haven’t heard the saying “You get what you pay for”, then it’s about time that you came across it! For some of us, it may be hard to rationalize spending our hard-earned money on expensive designer duds. For others, it may just be another weekend shopping spree down Fifth Avenue.

Whether you’re rolling in the dough or are more of a penny-pincher, you can kick buyer’s remorse to the curb if you make the decision to splurge on a designer handbag. Here are just five reasons for why it’s worth it to get a bag you really love, even if the price tag has four figures.

1. You’re not throwing away money… you’re investing!

Unlike cars that lose value as soon as you drive them off the lot, designer handbags can actually increase in value the longer that you have them. But there are several keys to making sure that the purse that you purchase is one that will increase in value.

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The incredible Rachel Zoe, fashion stylist to the brightest stars, carrying her black Hermes Birkin bag!

The best example of a purse that is an excellent investment is the Birkin bag by Hermes. A study from January 2016 even found it’s way to Harpers Bazaar’s website detailing how the Birkin bag can have a greater return than investing in the stock market. Not only does Hermes produce an elegant classic, but Birkin bags are extremely rare. You can’t even buy one in a boutique! So if you know somebody that knows somebody at Hermes, it would definitely be worth it to invest in a Birkin bag.

2. Quality counts!

Something can be said for a quality product. While saving money is necessary throughout life, splurging on something of distinction can ensure you have a lasting asset. A superior ware can last you a lifetime.



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Vintage luxurious Louis Vuitton duffle

Designer handbags come with a hefty price tag, but it’s not just the name that you’re paying for. Part of the allure of a designer handbag is its luxurious textiles and meticulous construction, making it more than an accessory…it’s a piece of art. And a handbag with such amazing assembly is going to last you way longer than a season. The durability of a well-made handbag is important. So take care of your Louis, and your Louis will take care of you!

3. Let’s get down tot brass tacks…you’re not spending all that much more!

You have to chalk some of the fear of investing in a designer handbag to sticker shock. But if you really look at your one-time expense versus the numerous bags women buy throughout the year, it may be easier to rationalize than you thought.


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Queen Bey knows that a Chanel bag can make an outfit!

When you think about it, how much are you really spending? Most women have several interchangeable handbags at one time. A clutch for the night’s out, a work bag that exudes sophistication, a tote for the gym and the beach. And each of those bags have a short shelf-life due to wear and tear and what’s stylish that season. Buying a bag every other month at a $100 price point adds up to $600 a year, conservatively. That’s a start to a Chanel Flap Bag that you will never get tired of carrying!

4. When you look good…you feel good!

Retail therapy is real! Not only can you get a boost of endorphins when going on a much-needed shopping spree, but when you look your best you really feel your best. Having a purse that you are proud to show off, can add to that “je ne sais quois”.

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Emma Roberts knows how to rock an OOTD with her mini Balenciaga!

Impressing yourself is just as important as impressing other people. A designer handbag can mean great taste, an air of luxury, and a commitment to preservation. From the outside looking in, your choice in a handbag can determine your appreciation. But from the inside looking out, a designer handbag can turn a mediocre day or event, to a time to shine. Feeling exquisite can make all the difference, so why not stack the odds in your favor? A Balenciaga will definitely make you feel good, and will dress up any outfit.

5. The most important reason of all…you are worth it!

Whether you’re struggling in pre-med or you’re working your butt off to get more followers on Instagram, you are entitled to the best. If you don’t hear it enough, you are worth that designer brand and more!

Olivia Palermo is known for her incredible style, and this Fendi bag is a style-booster and an ego-booster to boot!

Every girl deserves to feel all the good feels, and having that vogue accessory you can flaunt to all your girlfriends hits all the right spots. You don’t need to find a reason to rationalize spending major dough on a designer handbag. Nevermind the haters and do what makes you happy! Splurge on that Fendi!

No matter your reason, adding that purse you’ve had your eye on is ultimately worth it. But if you need a way to explain it to your mom or husband, just hand over this list!

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