From backpackers to travel bloggers, everyone wants a bag that is both fashionable and functional. But with all the choices today, how do you find a bag that’s built to last while fitting in with your wardrobe?

Kanken backpacks, which have been the world’s go-to adorable backpacks for nearly 50 years, are the perfect combination of cute and handy, and exactly what you’ve been searching for.  But before you fall in love with this bag, what is a Kanken backpack, anyway?

What Is a Kanken Backpack?

A Kanken backpack, also known as the Fjällräven Kanken, is a backpack that is made to be both a fashion statement and a functional, helpful bag.

They’re tough, colorful, water-resistant, and are made to be used by everyone. They started out as backpacks to be used by Swedish schoolchildren in the 1970s, and after their design took off, their bags went beyond being strictly for school use and became the bag we all know and love today!

They even come in different sizes, so you can choose a bag that will fit all of your everyday needs.

What are they made out of?

Kanken backpacks are made out of Vinylon F, which is a man-made fabric that is made to last, even in the toughest situations.

This material acts like a natural fabric would, only because it was manufactured to be one of the hardiest fabrics used in Kanken backpacks, it’s a lot more durable and water-resistant. It also doesn’t require an additional coating to keep all of your things safe inside of its main compartment!

Because Vinylon F is so tough, and your bag is likely to become a long-lasting staple in your bag collection, you can rest assured that caring for your backpack is easy. All you need is a little bit of warm water and soap, and your bag will look brand-new again in no time after spot-treating!

Are they comfortable to carry?

When Kanken backpacks were first designed, their entire purpose was to make it easy for kids to carry their school supplies without adding any additional stress to their backs. Because of that, they’re one of the easiest-to-carry backpacks available.

Their foam pad inserted directly into the bag’s back panel puts just the right amount of cushion between you and whatever you’re carrying, and it can be removed whenever you either don’t feel like using it or you want to use it as a separate seat cushion!

Why Do I Need a Kanken Backpack?

It is in our humble opinion that everyone needs one of these backpacks if they travel farther than their neighborhood, because they’re made with light travel in mind.

They’re typically small enough to fit under an airplane seat too, all while still giving you enough space to hold everything from your wallet to a change of clothes!

Fitting a Kanken Backpack into Your Wardrobe

Whether you love hiking and exploring wide open spaces in the great outdoors, or you prefer urban exploring in cities, you can fit a Kanken backpack into any wardrobe.

These bags come in almost every color under the sun, and fit into any lifestyle.

These reliable backpacks will carry everything you need to make it through your day while remaining lightweight and easy to carry.

This bag is best paired with a cute and cozy aesthetic or casual explorer’s outfit so you can hit the town (or just the corner coffee shop) and make a fashion statement too.

Plus, Kanken backpacks nowadays can be customized to fit anyone’s color needs, making it the perfect one-stop-shop bag.

Is it in style?

With a Kanken backpack, you don’t have to worry about missing out on the hottest trends.  These miniature bags are all the rage among influencers and urban explorers because of their lightweight design and many different colors.

Plus, this bag is sure to outlast any trend. It might start out as a cute accessory, but over time, its reliability will shine through, and this little bag will quickly become your best friend.

How Do I Know If the Kanken Backpack Is for Me?

A mini backpack can be a real lifesaver on some days, while sometimes you just need more space.

This is a great option for people who love taking day trips to their local aquarium or zoo, or have a daily commute to and from home and school. If you enjoy traveling light, but aren’t a fan of purses, a Kanken backpack is an adorable option that will keep you looking sharp while maintaining all of the functions of a purse!

Even if you’re a frequent traveler, this might be the perfect carry-on bag for you. It’s just the right size to stay by your side anywhere — whether you travel by bus, train, or plane.

However, if you have heavier equipment with you in your day-to-day life, you might want to spring for something a little more heavy-duty.

All in all, if you’re looking for something cute and casual that you can use to carry little things here and there, this backpack is the staple you’ve been missing!

A Closer Look at a Kanken Backpack

If you want a closer look at this bag, you’re not the only one! There’s simply so much to love about it, and each component deserves its own spotlight.

A collection of compartments

You already know that this little bag packs a big punch, but did you know that it has multiple compartments to optimize your storage space while keeping you organized on the go?

It has a spacious main pocket, a zipper pouch on the front, and a flat pocket on each side, offering optimized organization without overwhelming you with a million buttons and zippers!

Plenty of pockets

The pockets are both adorable and functional, and the bag’s side pockets even have a little bit of reflective material on them. They’re just the right size for holding your phone, pencils, pens, or a small book.

The zipper pocket on the front of the bag is the best place to store snacks, makeup, and any other small items you might need without having to dig through the main compartment to find them.

Super straps

Backpacks need straps that are both comfortable and able to support whatever load you’re carrying without pulling on your shoulders.

The Kanken has thinner straps than most backpacks, but due to its smaller size, it’s unlikely to cause any problems. Plus, this backpack can be carried like a bag or tote thanks to the convenient strap on top!

An incredible interior

This bag’s main compartment, on top of being roomy and having a removable pad, is also made easy to access with its zipper that allows its entire front to open up. It even has a name and address label on the inside so your bag can find its way back to you if you lose it.

Its simple interior design is perfect for storing away a few books, tablet, or even a change of clothes! Plus you won’t have to worry about losing smaller items in hidden pockets — a simple, open design means less stress all around.

On the Flip Side

Because every rose has its thorn and nothing is truly perfect, we can’t leave out the negative aspects of this backpack, even if they are few and far between.

For starters, this bag isn’t the best for toting technology, due to its water-resistant material. Water-resistant is not waterproof, so while it will probably keep any paper out of light rain, downpours are a little more likely to soak through.

Its size can also be a negative factor for some, especially for college students and people who carry technology to and from work. Heavy books aren’t easy to carry, and some modern versions of this backpack aren’t built for overly heavy loads.

Its real lack of pockets can also be a little bit of a hassle, because while it means a simpler design, it also means less opportunities for organization on the go.

Finally, we come to the one aspect that every traveler wants in their bags: anti-theft measures. Because this bag is so simple, there isn’t anything to stop other people from opening it up and taking what they like out of it.

Outside of those few hiccups, this bag’s pros certainly outweigh its cons — especially if you intend to use it casually.

Bag to Basics

If you’ve been searching for a small bag that doesn’t come with huge complications, this simple backpack is just for you. A Kanken backpack is the perfect addition to anyone’s closet, no matter their aesthetic, or where you plan on going.

From a casual everyday backpack to a mini travel bag, the Kanken backpack has so much to offer, and with all the amazing available colors, there’s one for every outfit. Plus they make great gifts. Need we say more?

Do you have a Kanken backpack? Would you recommend them? Let us know what you think in the comments down below!

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