“I thought your handbag was your accessory!” – some might say…But in today’s wold of necessary gadgets (aka smart phones) and carrying them with your credit cards, a handbag is essential. The handbag has been elevated to the realm of necessity for today’s women and men, and you can accessorize your handbag.

Take a look at these awesome ideas. Whether you want to add a designer mark to your everyday bag, or just change up the look of your tried and trusted handbag, the options are plenty from cute to extravagant.

Key Chains and Charms

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Beyond the little insignia some bags come with, you can add charms and personalization to your bags with key chains and charms. Charms like these range in something simple as a Hello Kitty or a pouf or pompom to an even larger pompom and even cuter furry bunnies.

Add a touch of designer charms to your handbag, but get ready for the hefty price tag for the small bauble.

Louis Vuitton Kaleido V Bag Chain – US $435


Louis Vuitton Bubble Duo Bag Charm & Key Holder – US $730

Swarovski Mathilde Silver Bag Charm – US $89


Super Cute Monster Fox Fur Bag Charm Ornaments Car Key Chain Plush Doll Ball Keyring- US $29


Swarovski Elements Rhinestone Crystals Keychain Creative Gift Hello Kitty Dangle Charm Car Gift Accessory Handbag Purse Bag Charm Keyring Love Gift Peach Pink – US $ 12


MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Fox Fur Pom-Pom Keychain – US $34


Scarves have a long life. Scarves never go out of style and the older ones even get the “vintage” designation making them that much more valuable. They are very versatile since they can go around your neck, wrist as well as your bag, and anything you can think of. Most all brands have a scarf in their collection. And compared to the high cost of a leather good, scarves run in the affordable category. Check out these bright colored ones available now (at the time of this post).

See what you can do with a scarf to your favorite handbag to give it a new look!

Hermes Scarves, Twillys and Shawls – US $325 – $1,200


Currently Hermes has 90 silk scarves available in their collection ranging from US $325 – $1,200 and over. They are available in 28″, 36″, 47″ and 55″ squares.

Gucci Ghost Scarf – US $465


Tory Burch Carnavalet Neckerchief – US $125


Coach Willow Floral Oversized Square Scarf – US $195


Wrapped Bag Handles

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Have you seen this look around town? It seems everyone is doing this. It serves multiple purposes (1.) protecting the leather – especially if it’s vachetta leather that’s easily susceptible to stains and marks (read about different leathers in this post) (2.) Adds ether a subtle look by using a scarf of similar color to the bag or contrasting look to your handbag.

Scarf Oragami

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For those who are crafty, you can try to tie a simple bow or even get fancy and do a scarf rose.

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Adding something small to your regular bag revitalizes the bag and changes it up giving you more rejuvenated love for your favorite essential many more miles of wear. You can accessorize your bag according to the seasons, much like you do with your accessories and clothes color palette.

What is your favorite handbag accessory? We’d love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below.

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