Arrow Wallet

Perfect size wallet with great colors!

Not only does your purse make a statement about the kind of gal you are, but your wallet can add the same value. While purses usually hold everything but the kitchen sink, your wallet holds the necessities: the absolute essentials for every excursion. Therefore a lot of thought goes into the selection of the perfect wallet; ever since needing one to stash away birthday money from grandparents! This handmade wallet from BirdsandBagz is an adorable and extremely functional wallet for your everyday use. It stands out as trendy and is still practical, making it a must have to carry your must have’s!

Arrow Wallet Open

So many pockets to carry everything you need!

Gone are the days of coin purses, so this wallet is a fully functional billfold. It has enough slots and pockets for everything you may need to carry. It has the capability to carry a checkbook, bank cards, and cold hard cash all in one commodity. There is room enough for 6 different card, so you can stow away your debit/credit cards, gift cards, insurance cards, and even a business card or two as necessary. Behind the card slots is a place for dollar bills which allows them to stay flat, since folding up $1’s is a thing of our teen years. On the other side of the wallet is a zippered change purse that is roomy enough to make it easy to get coins out. And then finally there is a sleeve behind the change purse to tuck your checkbook in. Checkbooks may not be as common as they used to be, but the option to include one makes this wallet exceptional. You’ll never forget that one time you needed to write a check but left your wallet at home because it just wouldn’t fit. Thankfully this wallet has all the bells and whistles for your basic necessities and is adorable to boot.

Arrow Wallet Pattern

Great color combinations!

The charming pattern on this wallet is very stylish and enamoring. Arrows are a notably hip trend recently in everything from dress to tattoos. The red, blue, and gold arrows are a perfect color combination on the white fabric. And the red snap closure is a crucial but cute accent. The wallet is therefore bright enough, but still modest enough for any season.

Although most wallets are tossed into a handbag and only retrieved when the bill comes. This delightfully smart wallet can even stand on its own. So whether it’s functionality is your favorite facet, or you want to show off how darn awesome it looks by carrying it like a clutch, this wallet is simply a must have!

You can get this wallet and pick up a gift for someone else at BirdsandBagz.

Arrow Wallet Close-up

Contemporary arrows with a dash of sparkle!

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