This eye-catching bag is for those who love to show off. It’s an absolute work of art, possibly inspired by mid-century design (the official story is it was inspired by a ski boot bag – we buy it. Italy / Alps / makes sense). Regardless, it’s a great bag to admire on or off someone.

Some Triangle bag owners love the ease of being able to zip it open when it’s lying flat on a surface. Others find it cumbersome because of the sharp angles (it just depends on the owner). Chances are most people you know don’t have this bag, so it’s a great way to differentiate yourself from the pack.

Italian made and real leather, the quality of this bag will ensure that it will last a lifetime. This bag comes in several colors: green, electric blue, baby blue, black, red, grey, white, yellow and brown (natural leather look).

All bags triangle bags come with top handles and an adjustable shoulder strap.

U.S. Dimensions: Width 9.4″ x Height 9.4″ x Depth 4.5″
Metric Dimensions: 24cm x 24cm x 11.5cm (and there might be a slightly smaller one at 23cm x 23cm x 5cm).
Material: 100% Calfskin
Price: $750 – $2,085 (USD)

balenciaga triangle bag italian brown leather

There’s that classic Italian leather color! It reminds us of Italian sports car interior. Photo by Cindy van Dyck

balenciaga triangle bag electric blue

Electric blue and silver hardware. Great combo! Photo by Dora Sohi

balenciaga triangle bag white

The Triangle bag in white. Photo by Ayana

balenciaga triangle bag yellow

It’s a striking bag. This yellow version definitely pops. What would this go well with in your wardrobe? Photo by Camelia Scaglione

balenciaga triangle bag black shoulder strap view

This is a great shot, showing the full length of the shoulder strap as well an overall view of the total bag dimensions. Photo by Will’s Luxury

Balenciaga green triangle top handle crossbody bag

There’s something about that green. It definitely has a vintage euro feel to it. Uniquely Italian. However, it could be tricky to pair that color up with certain outfits. Photo by Provocateur Icon

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