Burgundy Front

Simple and classic crossbody bag with polished details!

No matter the season, deep and dark reds are always popular and in vogue. This crossbody purse in burgundy leather is the perfect example of a rich red that is dramatic, and yet, classic! A handsome simple design with polished accents and flawless construction makes this purse irresistible!

This isn’t your average crossbody purse; the technical term for this kind of bag is Adelaide. The shape and style of the bag are what characterizes it as specifically an Adelaide bag. An Adelaide bag resembles a small satchel and usually has a sleek and hard-body design. This purse is almost square shaped with a flap closure that covers the entire front of the bag and is entirely firm. It measures 9.75 inches wide and 7.75 inches tall with about an inch in depth. While this crossbody is still on the small side, it is surprisingly roomy!

Burgundy worn

Rich burgundy color intensifying the soft leather!

Most people won’t recognize that this is a specific kind of purse, and especially not that it is an Adelaide. But they will notice the elegant color of the leather immediately! This bag is made of genuine leather that is dyed a deep burgundy color. While most common in the fall, this burgundy is actually a bit hit at any time of the year. It exudes so many essences; for example a sense of richness, luxury, elegance, and class just to name a few! Plus it will effortlessly match everything from dark black outfits, warm cream ensembles, or mixes of navy and brown get-ups.

Burgundy Open

Complimentary suede lining!

The inside of the Adelaide purse is equally as luxurious out the burgundy leather of the outside because it is lined with a coordinating burgundy suede. It is a little bit lighter shade, which is common with suede next to a leather. But it is plush and keeps your valuables safe and scratch free. There is also a nifty magnetic snap in brass that securely clasps the top flap over to the front of the purse.

Burgundy Back

Ideal Adelaide bag for everyday use!

The crossbody strap is connected to the body of the purse in a unique manner. Rather than hooking to both sides, it loops through two small rings on the back of the purse and slips through a long brass bar that lines the entire length of the back of the bag. This brass accent is understated, since it is on the back, but is very chic and adds a brilliantly polished touch. The strap is a rounded cord in a light tan color that pairs with the bag well.

No need to worry about a boring purse when you’re carrying this stately burgundy crossbody. From the color and awesome leather, to the brass accents and Adelaide design, you will be accessorizing impressively!

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