Whether you have a new bundle of joy on the way or you’re picking out the perfect gift for your best friend’s baby shower, our picks for the top diaper bags of 2022 are exactly what parents need for the coming year!

From plenty of pockets to easy-to-carry designs, these bags are perfect for carrying everything you need to take care of your baby – no matter where you are.

We’ll begin by introducing you to one of our top favorites – a super cute diaper bag backpack from Ruvalino.

Ruvalino Diaper Bag Backpack

All parents can agree that the best diaper bag is one that is easy to carry, which is why this light-weight bag is at the very top of our list.

This diaper bag backpack comes with a changing pad, a spacious main area, two zipper compartments, and even insulated pockets made specifically for your baby’s bottles! It’s also made with organization in mind, and comes with 16 pockets.

The straps are comfortable and easy to carry, too, so you can focus on holding your baby or keeping up with busy toddlers without having to worry about lugging around an awkward, heavy diaper bag.

It’s made out of water resistant polyester, only weighs about two pounds on its own, and has a parent pocket where you can keep your keys or wallet for easy access.

It’s easy to spot clean in addition to being comfortable to carry and practical for trips to the park or the grocery store.

This is a diaper bag that you can depend on – and it even comes in seven different adorable colors.

Price: $39.99
Click here to view or purchase.

BabbleRoo Diaper Bag Backpack

Next up on our list is an adorable, and functional, bag from BabbleRoo. This backpack is spacious, lightweight, and has plenty of organization power to keep you ready to go with your baby.

This diaper bag has two main compartments, a pocket for baby wipes, five additional insulated pockets, and a removable pad to act as an on-the-go changing station! It even has a key ring and the changing station pad can also be used to protect tablets and a few select laptops when you need it.

With comfy straps and an easy-to-carry design, this bag is perfect for all of your baby toting needs, and when your baby’s outgrown the need for diapers and formula, this backpack makes for great travel luggage.

This backpack is made of waterproof polyester, too, so you can rest assured that this durable fabric will withstand a beating without ripping or falling apart. This bag really does have your back!

Price: $39.99
Click here to view or purchase.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack

If you’re after a diaper bag that is both fashionable and functional, this cute as a button bag from Petunia Pickle Bottom is the perfect mix of cute patterns and space for all of your baby essentials.

This bag comes with two carrying options, two exterior pockets, five internal pockets, a removable pad, and pockets specifically made to carry diapers and extra wipes! It even has a magnetic front flap to allow easy access while remaining secure.

With this bag, you’ll be able to carry it as a backpack, a cross-body bag, or attach it to your baby’s stroller for extra convenience – whether you’re traveling light or you’re taking trips with your baby.

It’s even made with easy to clean, water-resistant coated cotton, which not only helps keep it clean, but it also gives the illusion of being a high-end designer bag instead of a diaper bag.

Price: $199
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Freshly Picked Convertible Classic Diaper Bag Backpack

This next high-end diaper bag from Freshly Picked is another expensive-looking bag made with busy parents in mind.

Made out of wipeable vegan leather, stain-resistant nylon interior lining, premium zippers, and custom-made matte gold hardware, you’ll be caring for your baby in style when you invest in this bag.

Its ability to be used as a practical diaper bag is just as great as its style. It has ten spacious pockets, a grand central space, a magnetic front for easy opening and closing, metal feet to keep its contents above the ground, and a machine-washable changing pad.

It’s even wearable in three ways, so you can decide on whether you want to carry it as a cross-body bag, backpack, or a purse.

It’s built to last, too, so you’ll have a reliable diaper bag for all of your future munchkins without spending a fortune.

Price: $175
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Jujube Be Right Back & Jujube B.F.F

Our next picks are a couple of bags from Jujube that are equally matched in almost every way – and we’ll be comparing them so you can determine which one is just right for you!

We’ll begin with the Be Right Back, a charming backpack diaper bag that is not only adorable, but is also machine washable. It’s another spacious backpack, and has a mesh pocket as well as a zipper pocket in its main compartment, insulated bottle pockets, and a memory foam changing pad!

Its anti-mildew and mold interior is treated with silver ion to aid it in resisting all sorts of bacteria, and its exterior is designed to be easily wiped off while being stain-resistant. It even comes with a lifetime warranty – just in case!

Meanwhile, the B.F.F is slightly larger than the Be Right Back, with almost all of the same features. This Jujube bag comes with a lifetime warranty so if anything happens to it, Jujube has you covered.

The B.F.F is made out of a silver ion treated interior, a stain-resistant exterior, and a removable memory foam shoulder pad for maximum comfort while you tote it around! It even comes with numerous pockets – some zippered and some insulated for your baby’s bottles – and a cell phone pocket, too.

This bag also has quality metal hardware and zippers, as well as luggage feet to keep your bag off of the ground. If it does get dirty despite the luggage feet, the B.F.F, much like the Be Right Back, is also machine washable, so spills and messes are no big deal.

The big question here is which one is better – the Be Right Back or the B.F.F? The answer lies in what you’re looking for.

If you’re after a slightly larger bag that’s better suited for everyday trips, like to the store or to run errands, the B.F.F is the better option.

But if you’re after something that is better suited for busier days that can carry more items without adding extra hassle, the Be Right Back is the bag for you.

Price: $175
Click here to view or purchase.

Skip Hop Forma Backpack

Skiphop is known for its incredible products for parents – both new, and experienced, and we simply had to include one of their life-saving, highly praised diaper bags.

Our pick is Skip Hop’s forma backpack diaper bag, a quilted, lightweight backpack designed to allow easy access and simple organization to keep you and your baby moving. This backpack comes with padded straps, an easily accessed front section, insulated bottle pockets, and multiple multi-purpose pockets that can be used for either extra baby supplies or mom and dad’s personal items.

It’s lightweight and made out of polyester that is easy to spot-clean whenever you need to, making it one of the best available diaper bags for long trips and vacations.

This backpack can even be used after your baby’s grown out of diapers and the need for bottles, as it comes with a laptop holder and mesh pockets to transform this diaper bag to a carry-on travel bag in a snap.

Price: $75
Click here to view or purchase.

Dagne Dover Diaper Backpack

Another backpack we can’t get enough of Dagne Dover’s Indi diaper backpack – a hands-free way to carry all of your baby’s everyday items that looks sleek and fashionable while still allowing you to stay organized.

One of its best features includes all the different ways it can be carried, ranging from acting as a backpack to being clipped onto your stroller, so you always have an easy to carry bag, wherever you go! It can even be used as a laptop carrier in a pinch.

It’s made out of premium neoprene, air mesh, recycled lining, and soft touch velcro to bring you a bag that’s both durable and easy to spot-clean while remaining lightweight.

This bag also has plenty of space and tons of pouches and pockets to allow you enough storage space to keep you organized without overwhelming you with a million places for smaller items to get lost.

Price: $185
Click here to view or purchase.

What Do You Think Are The Best Diaper Bags for 2022?

We hope you loved our top picks for the top diaper bags of 2022, and that you’ve found one just right for you and your bundle of joy!

Whichever bag you choose, we’re sure you’ll love it, it will have everything you need, and it will stand the test of time while it aids you on your journey through parenthood.

Which diaper bags are you going into 2022 with? Do you have any recommendations of your own? Please leave us a comment down below and let us know!

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