Color Clutch Front

Bright pink and teal color explosions!

Sometimes you need to let your free spirit fly! And this colorful canvas clutch is vibrant and abstract enough to boost your mood and help you feel invigorated. This hand-painted piece is utterly unique and beautifully charming. Whether you’re expressing your wild side or are just heading to work, this clutch bag is a stand-out accessory that every girl could use!

Color Clutch Close-up

Organically and meticulously hand-painted!

For the hippie in all of us, we need some color and some crazy! This clutch delivers on both of those to a tee. Hand-painted with an extreme attention to detail, this purse is cut from a single roll of canvas that is completely blank then organically painted. This clutch features bright pink and yellow, and a brilliant accent of teal. In a striped pattern on the body of the bag, the pink and yellow are alternated with some blending into orange. This pattern is continued on the top flap with a large strip of pink melding into the strip of teal that lines the closing angle. The pinks and yellows are golden and flashy while the teal ties the whole look together.

Color Clutch Open Front

Easy day purse to night bag, and great colors for any season!

For a clutch, canvas is a great material. It’s lightweight and soft; easy to carry your essentials throughout the day and into the night. This canvas clutch has a simply sewn design of a square with an angular fold-over flap. It’s easy to tell this is one continuous cut of canvas because of the lack of seams. There are only two sewn seams on the sides to connect the front and back. There is a gold magnetic button close on the front of the bag to keep your things secure but still easy to get to.

Color Clutch Open In

Lots of room for a clutch!

While the best part of this clutch is its dramatic color explosion, its carrying capacity is also ideal. Inside is room enough to carry your phone, keys, cards, and a lipgloss or two. Very functional for the minimalist that still wants to pop! There is no inside pocket to maintains the bag’s simplicity. But the clutch is 9.5 inches wide and 6.5 inches tall, so though it is large for a clutch it will still perfectly fit in your hand or under your arm.

Color Clutch Open Side

Express your wild and wonderful side and definitely stand out in a crowd!

Easily make your friends envious with this one-of-a-kind clutch bag. Epically bright and bohemian-inspired it will automatically brighten your day! The hand-painted color explosion can be your statement piece with any outfit.

MyALAModeBoutique has other bright and hand-painted canvas bags.

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