We would like to introduce to you a friend of ours across the pond… Busy Lizzi. Here is a message from Lizzi. Check her out.

Hi, I’m Lizzi from Busy Lizzi’s. I am a small business and it’s just me, I do however have a lot of support around me from family and friends! I love to create custom keepsakes and personalised gifts for all ages, with high quality but affordable. All my items are made with lots and lots of love and care!

I am really excited with a new idea! So I had to write a blog and tell you all about it! Design your own tote bags! I can almost hear you.. Ooo that’s different, but why would I bother? Well I shall tell you.

slogan tote bag

Slogan “Hello” Tote.

You know when you have an image in your head of what tote you want, you search in shops, online, everywhere and just can’t find the right one. That feeling right there, it’s in the pit of your stomach, I want to make you feel the opposite! The excitement, the ‘new bag feeling’, if you tell me I’m crazy you have never bought the right bag! or designed your own bag!

flower tote bag

Flower Tote.

My tote bags can be completely customised, you can choose as much or as little as you like, depending on how you would like it! The basic bag is like this one if you ignore the flowers. It’s made from of white cotton calico, rectangle in shape, lined and has two shoulder straps.

If you’re looking for a basic tote with a pretty design it’s perfect for you. I can add a design of your choice and bam it’s dispatched and on its way to you, to look fab on your shoulder!.

If you have something a little more ‘you’ in mind, all these aspects can be changed! Fabric, colours, size, shape, straps and pockets in or outside can all be altered to your specifications. You want a big bag, I can do it. A small clutch, I can do it! A boho style bag, I can do it! You get the idea, And then lets talk designs!

childs owl tote bag

Child’s Owl Tote.

You could go wild with designs, let’s start with simple ideas flowers, animals, wording, cars. Go up to the more complex ideas, night time scenes, abstract, patterns or a mix of words and pictures. The possibilities are endless, all you need is an idea and I will work with you and design you the perfect tote bag.

dress to impress

Dress to Impress Tote.

I use several different techniques to attach your designs to the tote bags. Applique and free motions sewing. By using these two techniques I can apply most designs the way you want! They also give a fabulous look, be prepared to get some lovely comments on your new bag!


Close Up Details for Dress to Impress Tote.

So why should you design your own bag? It means you can have it your way, the bag in your head can be handmade full of love and care and posted right through your door! You will have the ‘new bag feeling’ again! It’s easier than it sounds, you just need an idea I will do all the hard work!

bird tote bag

Bird Tote.

Your bag will look stunning on your shoulder, with pockets where you want them, a strap length to suit you and of course your design pride of place on your bag. Why would you buy any old bag when you can have the bag of your dreams. No seriously why?


Close Up Details for Bird Tote.

Price range of these bag vary depending on what style of bag you prefer and what design you want, they start from £25, I know what a bargain!. If you give me your ideas I can give you a quote. Contact me via my website at


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