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It was once said that when you have a Chanel piece it’ll never grow old as its style is very sophisticated and has a timeless charm to them. Do you reside in and around Chicago? Here is a list of boutiques for you to visit.

Chanel Chicago

This Chanel boutique in Oak Street offers a wide collection of timeless luxury items. This boutique offers in-store shopping and in-store pick ups for faster transactions. Since it is in a famous shopping destination, Chanel Oak Street’s capacity may be limited so it would be safer to call the store and book an appointment to secure your spot and avoid the rush.

Address: 65 E Oak St, Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: +1 312 787 5500


Sunday – Monday
12 – 5pm

Tuesday – Thursday
11am – 5pm

Friday – Saturday
11am – 6pm

Neiman Marcus

Chanel in Neiman Marcus has loads of options for your high end shopper needs. The sales associates are very knowledgeable of all the products and will happily help you out when you get a little overwhelmed with all the beautiful styles and choices that the store has to offer. The store can have high traffic on peak hours and weekends. It would be advisable to come just as it opens or during the weekdays to avoid the rush.

Address: 737 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: +1 312 642 5900


Monday – Saturday
11am – 6pm

12 – 6pm

Chanel Chicago Repair Information

If your Chanel bag is scratched or your hardware is broken, you can take your bag into a local Chanel store or boutique in Chicago to have it repaired. They will send the bag off for repairs and let you know when it’s ready for pick up. Alternatively, you can take a look at our handbag repair shops in Chicago for other options.

Things to consider

• Always check for the boutiques’ health and safety protocols as they differ per city or area. You may be required to wear a mask indoors and they may only allow a certain number of people at a time.

• Make sure to call your nearest boutique in advance prior to your visit if you’re eyeing a specific item to check if they are in stock.

• Be careful of your belongings when you are about to go back in your car in the parking area/lot. It may be helpful to bring an unmarked paper bag or an eco bag to put your luxury items in.

• Chanel keeps its promise with the quality and utmost care for  their goods. But sometimes the items get compromised in the boutiques. Make sure to inspect the item thoroughly before purchasing the item to avoid returns or exchanges.

• It helps to research on how to care for your luxury goods. They can be climate sensitive so make sure to be aware of how to store, clean and what to do to make them last a lifetime.

• Enjoy the whole experience of purchasing your dream luxury item and absorb the sights and tourist spots. You’ll never get a moment back once it’s done so enjoy because you are purchasing your dream luxury item.

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