Wristlet front

Origami detailing in a rich navy fabric with vegan leather!

If you’re biggest qualm with wristlets and clutches are their small size, then you have met your match with this unique origami wristlet.

With warm colors and a one-of-a-kind design, you will definitely make a chic statement. But its the large size of this wristlet/clutch that will really make you fall for it.

Wristlet Angel

Forget tiny clutches, this wristlet is big and bold!

Let’s be honest, size does matter. From the size of your latte to the size of your purse, you want to get the most bang for your buck! And for most wristlets, they basically function as a wallet. They don’t have the capacity to be your purse for the day or the evening. Except for this gem! This wristlet is large and in charge! It measures 11.4 inches long but 8.6 inches high. If you can imagine a piece of copy paper, it is basically the same size. That means you have way more carrying capabilities than most wristlets!

Wristlet Back

Navy polyester fabric and caramel vegan leather are the perfect duo!

The origami detailing and two-tone fabric contrast on this wristlet almost make it more desirable than the large size. The bottom of the bag is made of a vegan leather in a warm caramel color. But the top of the bag, and the larger portion, is a polyester fabric in a rich, dark navy that has a hand smocking origami detail. The bunching of the fabric is unique and gives the wristlet a stately appearance. The back of the bag is simply smooth fabric and features a small gold brand emblem.

Wristlet Open

Fully lined inside with slip pocket for convenience!

The inside of this wristlet is one large compartment. It is fully lined in a soft black cotton. There is also a sneaky slip pocket sewn into the lining to stash any necessity that you need to have accessible at your fingertips. This large wristlet will easily hold your phone, keys, cards/cash, and make-up. The top of the bag closes with a dark metal zipper for security. And the very important wristlet strap is made of the same vegan leather as the bottom of the bag. It is just shy of 6 inches long and clips to the zipper with a metal clip. When it is detached the purse functions as a simple clutch.

Wristlet more angle

Stand out with this gorgeous clutch from its detailing to it size!

This wristlet will change your mind about all other wristlets and clutches. You can fit a normal wristlet in this wristlet, it is so large! And beyond its carrying capacity it has amazing details. From the rich navy and leather colors to the origami smocking of the fabric, it stands out from other bags. Put this on your Christmas list today!

Aiko Threads has other wristlets with origami detail in different colors!

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