BW Speck Held

Black and white classic style and easy bag!

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” was originally said by Leonardo da Vinci. And while that is very true, sometimes a little flair can go a long way! When it comes to accessories, additional style can take an average outfit to the next level, and this cute little cotton fold-over purse has some serious style points. It is simple, and yet trendy for an everyday purse.

BW Specks Front

Perfect match for every outfit and easy crossbody style!

There’s nothing like a great pattern to enhance a plain or ordinary bag. This 100% cotton cross body bag has a chic and trendy pattern that is in no way garish, unlike some decorative markings. With a jet black background and diagonal white specks streaked across the entirety of the bag, it’s simple but snazzy. The continuity of the white specks is clean on the dark backdrop. Plus it will compliment any outfit with the opposite spectrum colors coming together.

BW Speck Zip

Elegant brass zipper to keep all your goodies safe!

Keeping with the classic and simple vibe of this purse, it’s size and and fold over close is also uncomplicated. Just a square pouch that folds over at the top and zips closed. The fold over style is very current and trendy, and allows for a more roomy purse. This bag measures 8.3 inches wide by 9.8 inches tall and folds down about 2.5 inches from the top. The inside of the purse is fully lined in a very light gray cotton material. It has a brass zipper inlaid in white that adds an elegant finish.

BW Specks Purse Angle

Neat knotted straps that are removable!

To top off its casual simplicity, this purse is meant to be carried crossbody. It has a tan leather strap that is 53.2 inches long. The strap connects to each side of the bag by knotting the end through a small cotton loop. This adds a stylish detail that draws the eye, and also allows the strap to be easily removed to transform the purse to a clutch, or to clean it up in the washing machine. You can unknot the strap, or knot it back up when you’re ready to throw it over your shoulder.

BW Speck Laying

Feel good and look good!

It’s a delicate balance between simple and decorated, but this bag accomplishes both! Classic design, stylish pattern, and a utilitarian crossbody wear joins casual and trendy. For your every day use, this purse is the perfect accessory.

ZanaProducts has other cotton bags in different colors and patters.

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