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Chloè is a brand that has been around for quite some time. From conception in the ‘40s to their 2021 collection, Chloè rocks bohemian fashion and proves time and time again that they are here to stay. The brand has been known historically for its groundbreaking designs. The Paddington Bag, the Suzannah Boots, and the idea of luxury ready-to-wear clothing options.

History and Background:

When Gaby Aghion moved to Paris in 1945, she was ready to take the fashion world by storm. When she met Jacques Lenoir, they were quick to found the company; Chloè.

Gaby Aghion’s idea when becoming a creative mind for Chloè was making a luxury prêt-à-porter (ready-to-wear) brand. She went on to more than succeed in this area, making Chloè a brand that would be remembered and worn for long past her personal work in the company.

A magazine clipping from a classic Chloè collection

Their first collection was presented in the Cafe de Flore. This Cafè was commonplace for artists and creative minds of Paris to have a drink and discuss their ideas. This was the perfect setting for their debut and started an excitement towards their brand that would grow exponentially over the next half a century.

The Chloè Party Bag

In the ‘70s, Chloè was taking the fashion industry by storm. An already popular brand, worn by popular celebrities of the time like Jackie Kennedy, Maria Callas, and Grace Kelly. This was when the ready-to-wear idealism truly took off.

Chloè Vick Logo Tote

By the 2000s, Chloè was a luxury brand that was a common name in households across North America and Europe. In 2002, they created the first “it” bag.

The Paddington bag

When they created the Paddington bag, it was a huge success. A chunky handbag that came in a variety of colors, it was loved by celebrities and women alike. Anyone who was anyone was seen with this iconic bag, and it became an icon you could remember when you thought about the early 2000s.

The iconic Paddington Bag

When they created the Paddington bag, it was a huge success. A chunky handbag that came in a variety of colors, it was loved by celebrities and women alike. Anyone who was anyone was seen with this iconic bag, and it became an icon you could remember when you thought about the early 2000s.

The “Everywhere” Brand

Chloè is known for having huge locations in New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Dubai. As a French fashion house, the fact it has locations in all the fashion capitals of the world is quite a feat.

The Edith Bag, made of recycled materials

The Marcie Bag

In 2009, Chloè created the Marcie bag. It was a saddlebag, As a follow-up of the iconic Paddington bag, it created the same hype as its predecessor and was highly sought after.

The bag had an adorable sign of a true Chloè bag, that being a small label in its inseam with the year of creation and the name of the bag on it.

Medium Marcie Bag

The Marcie bag has two smaller siblings, the Small Marcie bag, and the Mini Marcie. Both of these are iconic looks for daywear, the Mini Marcie featuring Bohemian-like tassels along the bottom of it.

Mini Marcie Bag

The Faye Bag

The Faye bag was another fantastic design by Chloè. The Faye bag was a simplistic design, with an adjustable strap and a large ring that connected to one of the handbag’s sides. The bag was made of 100% calf leather, soft leather that is usual for luxury brands.

The Chloe Faye Bag

The Faye Bag, when talked about by critics and fans alike, all agreed that it had a bohemian feel to its design, and that idea extends to its more recent follow-ups, a bracelet bag, and backpack version.

First shown in the Spring / Summer 2015 collection, it quickly became a favorite among celebrities, the perfect accessory for any outfit with its minimalistic design. The bag comes in two sizes, its original being a medium and having a slightly more obscure shape as the small has a rectangular shape.

The Drew Bag

The Drew Bag is a more recent design, released in 2014. With its rounded bottom, this small shoulder bag comes in a variety of designs, most of them having the “flap” of the bag be a different color or pattern.

A Chloè Drew Bag

Its strap is a thin gold chain, making it a more luxurious choice and great for a night out. It has a simple golden clip in its front, with a minimalistic lock that ensures even on a dance floor your things will stay safe and secure.

Another Drew Bag by Chloè

The color palette for the Drew Bag ranges greatly, from a variety of pinks to a black with cow leather flap. The collection comes in a range from shoulder bag to wallet. There are pouches, clutches, all having the same iconic design as the original bag.

The Woody Bag

The Woody Bag is a beautiful tote, with a more gaudy design to it. The high fashion bag features the Chloè name plastered on the handles, which extends down the front of the bag.

The Chloè Woody Bag

The bag comes in a few sizes and colors, mostly tan and monotone shades. The bag has a trapezoid-shaped version, which at a glance looks perfect for a casual day on the beach. This being said, the large handbag/tote is great for a day out.

The Sheltersuit and Chloè Backpack

Since the Paddington Bag, Chloè has only snowballed its success with accessories. Keeping true to its ready-to-wear fashion idealism that Gaby Aghion first wanted to bring to light, the Sheltersuit and Chloè bags was a perfect opportunity.

The Sheltersuit and Chloè Collection

Sheltersuit is a non-profit organization, which aims to help the homeless community. With their collaboration, the theme was a highly patterned fabric, with a wide variety of colors that usually wouldn’t mix, but in this marbled design they truly do. The bag is made of upcycled leather and repurposed canvas.

The Sheltersuit and Chloè Backpack

The backpacks are brightly colored, with a multitude of buckles and tassels. It is perfect for a long hike or a trip. Its spacious design is made to hold many personal belongings and is less expensive than some of the other bags in its line.

A phrase that accompanied the collection was “people helping people” and it’s easy to see that the designs of the Sheltersuit collection embody this idealism greatly.

Incorporating Jewellery into Handbags With Their Nile Bag

Chloè has never been afraid to go a little outside the box, and mesh fluidity with gracefulness. This idea stretches to its accessories, wholeheartedly. The Nile Bag is a perfect example of this, being a handbag where the handle is a large metal ring.

The Nile Bag by Chloè

The handle is very reminiscent of a bracelet, and it was intended to be this way. It comes in a variety of colors, all with a complimentary ring to accentuate. As it is a smaller design that you can wear as a purse or a crossbody, it gives node to vintage bracelet bags; but with a delicate twist that can be paired with any outfit.

Another Nile Bag

Chloè Repair Information:

The Chloè website includes a page of care instructions for its bags. The website includes very helpful tips such as:

• Do not overload your bag
• Store your bag standing up in its felt pouch. Filled with silk paper so that it retains its shape.
• Waterproof your leather good and maintain it with a professional leather conditioner regularly
• Prevent any contact with alcohol (perfume, solvent) and greasy substances (make-up)

All of these tips and more can be found here. As for their ‘after-accident’ repair, they offer an email and number to contact them for support on all their products.

The website also offers returns, with an inexpensive $5 fee for shipping goods back to them. They will only accept returns for unworn items that are in the same package as delivery/purchase. They will not accept returns on articles such as bathing suit wear or purchases delivered over 20 days ago.


• Chloè was the first luxury brand to optimize its website for mobile use
• Gaby Aghion was born in the ‘20s, in Egypt
• As part of their 2021 collection, their bags included designs from artist Corita Kent

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