Faux Leather Clutch

Two-toned fabric with faux leather and a funky print!

Dare to be different! Very different with this faux leather, metal frame clutch. Not your average clutch, but a little edgy with some funky feels, it definitely stands out from normal clutch purses. If you’re dressing up a pant suit at work or heading to a swanky restaurant for a date, this clutch would be low-profile but a fantastic fashion statement.

While bohemian trends have been on the rise, the aboriginal style has been overlooked. But this two-toned clutch ensures that it is not forgotten. With a sleek faux leather covering half of the bag, the other half features a bright aboriginal pattern in blues, white, yellow and some green. Aboriginal art has a rich history and typically tells a story; and this flowy and circular design is winding and calming. The right half of the clutch displaying the native pattern is made out of a cotton fabric and is sewn together in the middle to the faux leather.

Faux Leather Clutch Hand

Aboriginal pattern in great complimentary colors that pop!

Now most clutches are either fold-over bags or will include a zipper as its point of closure, but this bag is not like most clutches. Instead it features an awesome metal frame closure similar to small coin purses with a kiss-lock clasp. This clasp closure is unique and fun. It definitely makes this clutch a one-of-a-kind, but also dresses up your accessorizing capabilities. Because of the silver accents there is a fancy flair that you can use to your chic advantage.

Faux Leather Clutch Hand Side

Unique kiss-lock clasp on a silver metal frame!

The inside of this purse is lined with a black fleece that is soft and stately. It has been interfaced for strength when opening and closing the clutch and has extra padding to protect your valuables. There is also a convenient little pocket sewn into the inside in the matching aboriginal pattern from the outside of the purse. This is an adorable component that makes it easy to keep your ID or credit cards and money separate and easy to grab. I just love the attention to detail.

Faux Leather Clutch Hand Open

Roomy and fleece lined, with a snazzy matching pocket!

Since this is a metal frame clutch, the bottom is classically wider than the top. The metal frame is 8 inches long while the bottom is 10 inches. This allows the clutch to still be roomy while modest. The total height of the purse if 5.5 inches and it is 2 inches deep when stretched out. The little pocket on the inside is 4.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches high, so ideal for cards or cash. This is a great little bag to carry all of the necessities for the day or the night.

Instead of going with a standard clutch, this metal-frame faux leather clutch purse will spice up your belongings. It’s super cool and elegantly unique with its two-toned fabrics and aboriginal print!

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