Ready for a glamorous new tote bag to carry all your Christmas gifts this year? This light brown leather tote is big and beautiful, and equipped to handle all presents you’ll get at work, at a friend’s, or at home! Amazing construction, elegant leather, and endless amounts of room makes this tote bag your favorite bag of the year!

This tote bag is the quintessential tote; it’s a large and open handbag that has two handles parallel to each other at the top. A lot of times they can be made out of canvas, but this tote takes the cake in exquisite leather. This smooth and soft leather and is genuine Italian leather and makes up the body of the bag, the black strap accents, and the actual straps. It is a pebbled leather, which is still polished but has a slight granulated appearance. Pebbled leather typically wears better because it is less likely to show small scratches. This is also the perfect size tote because it is a stunning 14.5 inches tall, 13 inches wide, and 4 inches deep.

Leather Tote Worn

Great shoulder length straps in black leather!

It used to be a serious fashion faux pas to wear black and brown together, but with the right brown it is now a fashion virtue. This light brown bag borders on the side of the cognac color tone, which is ideal for pairing with black. Plus this tote made it easy for us by using parallel thick black leather straps running down the bag like a continuation from the black handles. You can easily wear this bag with any, and every outfit.

Leather Tote Front

Super versatile with an extra set of shorter handles!

Unlike most totes, this bag has a unique carrying option other than just over the shoulder. This tote also features two short black straps that normally fall inside of the bag in case you want to carry it more like a satchel. The extra snaps don’t interfere with the opening, but do add just a little bit of utility and allows you to change up how you carry your bag. The long straps are 12 inches long, and the short straps drop just 6.6 inches.

Leather Tote Open

You can carry everything you need in here, including the kitchen sink!

The inside of this bag is not lined so that you get the full effect of the rich leather. But there is shiny brass hardware throughout the piece to bring the entire look of the tote together. The straps are connected by solid brass rings and rivets, and there are also small solid brass protective feet on the bottom of the bag. The brass elegantly compliments the black and light brown leather.

It’s been past time for a terrific tote this season. And this brown and black leather bag is divine! It will match everything and even better, it will carry everything!

Art and Jill has other leather bags of all sizes!

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