DIY - Handbag Organization Board

Seeing is Key

I wrote about a handbag organization idea in a previous post about storing bags. I thought this was a great idea since you can’t see your bags when they are in their respective dust bags during storage and relying on your memory might be harder with more than a handful of bags.

As with shoes, a key factor in deciding which shoes to wear is being able to visually see all your shoe choices. The same goes for your bags, you carry bags that you are able to see and visualize with your outfits, at least for me.

I commend those who are able to carry a single signature bag for a year or so. I need variety in my life and so I tend to rotate my handbags every month or so as well as my wallets.

Of course, for special occasions, you want the perfect bag as well as the perfect shoes for the ensemble to go together and this DIY should help you in picking the best bag from your collection.

What You Need


So here is my Handbag Organization Board, do-it-yourself presented to you step by step.

Supplies: cork board, push pins, sharpie pen, board decoration items.

I got all most of my supplies from my local Daiso store (where everything is $1.50).

I’m using for my camera the Fuji instax mini 8. I like the instant gratification of getting my photo right away. And they are the perfect size for my board, not to big, not too small. (You can use a digital camera, you’ll need to print them out yourself or have them printed which will take additional time.)

Show Me Your Best Side


Now with your camera handy, collect all your handbags that you have and get your entire collection together and snap away. I’m sure like me, you probably forgot about a few of those bags you had stowed away for safe keeping.

This might be a good time to purge bags that you have outgrown or stylistically don’t suit you anymore. Consider donating or selling for extra cash.

Groupings or Groupies?

Get your photos and start laying them out on your cork board. The Instax photos have space for labeling- so you can label using a sharpie pen with the brand, note, or leave blank.


Once I compiled my stack of photos, I realized there are endless ways to arrange the photos, for example by location (in a particular closet), by style, by color, by size, etc. So whatever works for you, will work for you. I knew I liked a few brands, but I think I’ve turned into a groupie, looking at my collection.

Time to Decorate Your Board


Now your cork board doesn’t have to be pretty. Some of you might not want to decorate it depending on where you will place it. If you want it out of your way, you can place it in your closet where you can see it such as the back of your closet door.

Some of you might want to consider making this a nice decorative item for your room or elsewhere in your home.

decorated closeup

Once decorated, you will now place your photos onto the cork board. Enjoy and have fun. You can place your photos or organize them any way you like.

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