When people think of luxury brand investing, they first think of names like Hermès, Prada, and Louis Vuitton. These brands are commonly associated with those wealthy customers who have an affinity for buying valuable items.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that these brands also appear frequently in high-end movies and television shows. If you’re unfamiliar with investing in luxury brands and their products, you will want to consider questions like:

Does Louis Vuitton appreciate value?

If so, how much?

Is the brand worth investing in?

Let’s take a closer look at why so many people love to invest in Louis Vuitton bags, whether or not Louis Vuitton is an investment opportunity, and how you can get started if you’re an interested investor.

What’s so Great About Louis Vuitton?

You may be wondering what makes a brand like Louis Vuitton so valuable and appealing to high-end customers.

In that case, there are a few key things to remember: any exclusive brand will have cultivated a reputation for excellence over decades of operation.

The top brands build networks of customers who trust and depend on their products and customer service. These brands produce items that last a long time and which, over time, appreciate in value.

Even if you didn’t purchase your Louis Vuitton as an investment item, you could still use your Louis Vuitton bag as, for example, collateral for a loan.

Is The Louis Vuitton Brand Worth Investing in?

Investing in luxury brands such as Prada, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton bags is a common practice that dates back decades.

People often buy these items at full price in hopes of eventually selling them at a higher price. Another option, known as ‘arbitrage’ is when you find a great deal on a bag and then sell it for a higher, “normal” price.

In essence, you purchase something in the expectation that it will appreciate over the period, and you will profit from it.
When investing in Louis Vuitton bags, you have a few options:

You can buy brand-new items at full price and hope they will appreciate in value over time.

You can purchase pre-owned Louis Vuitton bags, expecting their worth to rise over time.

You can buy LV bags at discounted prices at outlets like Outlet Village and flip them more quickly (typically).

When You Shouldn’t Invest in Louis Vuitton Bags

The sheer popularity of Louis Vuitton products means they are in constant high demand. This means that the items are also very common: as there are so many bags in circulation, it’s unlikely that they will appreciate in terms of rarity unless you find a very limited edition bag or an older, rare bag.

Many people purchase LV bags for investment purposes only. However, it takes time and commitment, and a great deal of patience for most fashion investments to become lucrative:

If you buy brand-new items at full price, you will have no idea how much they will be worth in the future. It’s possible that they won’t appreciate it at all.

Even if you buy used items at a discounted price and they do appreciate, you won’t know when you can sell them and at what price.

There is no guarantee that your Louis Vuitton bag will ever be worth a lot of money in the future. It may be just a common item with a low resale value.

Should You Buy Louis Vuitton Outlet Items as an Investment?

If you want to buy LV bags as an investment, you should start by picking out the ones that are likely to appreciate in value. Oftentimes, more niche and limited edition bags will have a better chance to increase in value. Because of this, it can be hard to find good prospects at outlets, but it doesn’t mean you can’t find one.

Before you go, it is helpful if you research the models and have a good understanding of which bags to be looking for. Then, when you purchase one, you’ll need to look after it.

One way to determine which items will appreciate is to look at the demand for these bags. If a particular model is in high demand and is hard to find in stores, it’s a good sign that the item may appreciate.

The status of the bag should also be taken into consideration. The likelihood of a bag’s worth increasing increases with its condition. If a bag is scuffed up or has other blemishes, that will hurt its value.

Most of all, you need patience. It takes a long time for an actual investment to grow.

How to Begin Investing in Louis Vuitton

Consider buying discounted bags to begin your Louis Vuitton portfolio. This is a great way to get high-quality bags while still spending less than you usually would.

When buying discounted bags, keep in mind the following:

The bag’s condition

The model and style of the bag

Current demand for the bag

The bag’s authenticity: watch out for fake Louis Vuitton models or bags that have been tampered with or modified.

Louis Vuitton 2022 Price Increase

The prices of some Louis Vuitton products are currently rising again. This time it’s the classic Speedy Bag that is gaining in value. The price increase is already visible on the site.

The Speedy 25 Bag, once $1,895, is now $2,295. Other items, including wallets, key rings, and luggage pieces, are also showing price hikes.

Some of this may be contributed to rising inflation around the world. For bag investors, this is actually helpful as the dollar value of the bag is increasing, it can act as a hedge against inflation (in addition to actually rising in value itself).

Best Louis Vuitton Bags for Resale, According to The Experts

The desirability of Louis Vuitton handbags typically increases as time passes. Investing in some of the brand’s most popular items is worth consideration.

Our favorite bags are based on their design, quality, and price.

1. LV Chantilly

LV Petite Chantilly

Chantilly is one of the most recognizable motifs in an era of great products. This classic handbag is known for being timeless and versatile.

You’ll find it in every color imaginable, including black, blue, brown, burgundy, camel, chocolate, green, gray, pink, red, silver, tan, white, yellow, and even zebra print.

There are several variations of the Chantilly, including the Chantilly Mini, Chantilly Tote, and Chantilly Flap.

2. LV Petite Boite

LV Petite Boite

This smaller version of the Chantilly is perfect for those times when you don’t need a big bag. It is lightweight and portable, fitting easily into a handbag or backpack.

Plus, it’s much easier to store than the larger versions.

3. New Wave Bag

New Wave Bag

Consider picking a New Wave Bag if you prefer a more modern look. These bags feature a simple shape and clean lines.

In addition, they come in different colors and patterns, including black, navy, olive green, orange, purple, red, silver, and turquoise.

Keeping Your Louis Vuitton Bags in Excellent Condition

The Louis Vuitton handbags are pieces of artwork and need careful preservation.

To keep yours looking beautiful, you must take adequate care of it:

1. Dry out your LV handbag

The best way to preserve the integrity of your LV handbag is to keep it dry. This involves storing it in a dry, cool environment. Avoid placing it near windows or heating vents because they can cause condensation inside your bag.

2. Use a protective case

Your LV handbag needs protection against dirt, scratches, and scuffs. A leather protector is ideal; however, opt for a soft plastic cover if you prefer something less bulky.

3. Clean your LV handbag regularly

Cleaning your LV handbag helps eliminate odors and stains. You can clean your bag by wiping it down with a damp cloth. Then, wash it separately from your clothing to ensure that your bag stays free of germs.

Final Words

Investing in Louis Vuitton bags is now a common practice. It’s a smart choice for both beginner and experienced investors.

If you want to start investing in Louis Vuitton, you can search for discounted models for your collection and then either store them yourself or pay someone to store your items for you.

Regardless of how you start investing in Louis Vuitton, research the brand before making a purchase. Then, choose the bags that are most likely to gain value over time.


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