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A photo posted by Emma Roberts (@emmaroberts) on

Emma Roberts Selfie with Edie Parker Oscar Clutch.

As I was perusing through Instagram I had to study the image on Emma Robert’s Instagram of her unique bag.

Come to find out that the bag is an Edie Parker, customizable acrylic bags reminiscent of midcentury clutches. The brand was launched in 2010 by designer Brett Heyman.

A photo posted by edie parker (@edie_parker) on

Emma Roberts with Edie Parker Oscar Clutch.

Her story is an interesting one, her love of vintage purses led her become a collector, and after not being able to find the ones she coveted she decided to make them. Brett Heyman’s solution was to find the original designers and make them herself. What’s more is that each bag in handcrafted in America.

Edie Parker Personalized “Mrs” Clutch -“What bride-to-be wouldn’t want to carry this around”- We couldn’t agree more!

Everything about the brand’s handbags and clutches are personalizable. Customers can select the size, shape, clasps, and color. The items can be decorated with letters, initials, words, the options are endless.

A photo posted by edie parker (@edie_parker) on

Edie Parker Heart Rainbow Clutch.

The collection has a variety of items such as charms, trays, set of coasters, even a jewelry box. If you are into one-of-a-kind type of items that screams original style and sets you apart from others, Edie Parker bags will do it. The options are almost endless!

A photo posted by edie parker (@edie_parker) on

Edie Parker coaster varieties.

With store locations all over the world, Emma Roberts isn’t the only fan of this brand.

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