Classic damask pattern wallet in cool gray hues!

For organization and simplification, wallets can seriously uncomplicate your life by simplifying your purse. Although not always as popular as they should be, wallets should get more credit for their capabilities and versatility. This delightful gray and damask wallet is the epitome of simplistic organization and is super cute to boot!

Wallet Front

Back to basics with a perfect carry-all billfold!

In a lovely subdued gray cotton with a darker gray damask design, this wallet is elegantly unique. Damask is a fabric with a pattern formed by weaving the fibers. This is a classic damask pattern, and is almost reminiscent of paisley. The design in feminine and utterly exquisite. The gray cotton continues into the wallet and lines the interior sides. A fortified light gray fabric frames the dividers. A sneaky little plus to the muted grays of this wallet is its ability to hide any dirt or blemishes, which is plainly advantageous. Instead of buttoning, this wallet closes with an brass zipper that compliments the gray duos fittingly. And as another dainty touch: the zipper pull is adorned with an antique geometric leaf pull.

Wallet Open

Brass zipper for easy and secure closing with a unique zipper pull!

Now, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: wallets are useful accessories for literally everyday use. They make it convenient to keep all necessities right at your fingertips and efficiently organized. This gray wallet is the perfect example! With pockets for everything you carry daily and more, you’ll feel like Mary Poppins when opening your wallet! But the real win is the accessibility within a sea of other must-haves that litter our purses.

Wallet Open

Durable dividers in a matching gray with the damask pattern lining the inside too!

This billfold-esque wallet has a plethora of pockets and secret stashing slots. There are 8 slots for cards, so you can not only carry debit and credit cards, but your punch cards for all your smoothie and taco places! There are two pockets that are sized for dollar bills or checks. There is a small zipper pocket that is perfect for keeping your change separate but easy to grab at the register. And even a middle spot to tuck away your phone. This is an especially desirable feature for those times when your wallet transforms to a quick clutch for simplicity.

Wallet Full

You won’t believe how many effects you can easily store!

In case your worried that with so much room that this wallet will be too much to handle. Fear not, because it only measures 8 inches across by 4 inches tall. This is pretty standard for a wallet and ideal to carry what you need without being bulky. So whether you are throwing into a purse or tote, or carrying it as a clutch, this wallet is everything you technically need for the day. For busy gals this is just the accessory you need to simplify your essentials, and pretty much your life!

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