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If you are visiting or residing in or nearby Rome, here is a list of Fendi stores you can visit if you are thinking of purchasing or want to simply browse some luxury items.

Flagship Store Roma Palazzo

Located in the heart of Rome, inside the prestigious 17th century Palazzo Fendi, this store is Fendi’s biggest flagship store to date. Housing the entire range of Fendi collections, this Fendi flagship store can be very busy and visiting at peak times (10:00am-1:00pm and 4:00pm-6:00pm) might make you wait a little longer than the usual 15-minute wait.

Address: Palazzo Fendi, Largo Carlo Goldoni, 420, 00187 Roma RM
Phone: +39 063 345 0896


Monday – Saturday
10am – 7:30pm

10:30am – 7:30pm

Roma Fiumicino Airport

This Fendi boutique located on the second floor of terminal 3 Roma Fiumicino Airport offers a variety of leather goods, bags, accessories, watches and women’s footwear. They also have services in-store shopping and in-store pick ups for easier transactions. Peak times in this boutique vary daily as it is located in the airport and stocks might be quite limited but not lacking in variety.

Address: Leonardo da Vinci International Airport, Terminal, 3, 00054 Roma RM,
Phone: +39 063 345 0255


7am – 8pm

Things to Consider

• Did you know that traditional shops in Rome are closed during Monday mornings? They still open but during the late afternoon until early evening. On Tuesdays to Fridays, shops close at about 1pm for “siesta” (an afternoon rest or nap usually taken during the hottest time of the day) and reopens at around 3-4pm. Luxury boutiques might not be included but it is always good to know just in case you go shopping in those hours and find that some stores are closed.

• Make sure to research or call the store to know their health and safety protocols. You may be required to wear a mask indoors or they only accept a certain  number of people at a time.

• In all of Italy, sales are only held twice a year – summer sale and winter sale. In Rome, summer sales usually begin on the first Saturday of July up until most of August. Winter sales usually begin on the first Saturday of January up until most of February. They (Italians and Romans) take their holidays very seriously. Holidays in Italy, shops are usually closed as the shopkeepers and workers take the holiday as a time to rest or have a break. Make sure to check in advance if the luxury boutiques are open during holidays.

Be mindful of your belongings as Rome is also a hot spot for tourists and unfortunately there can be unwanted incidents. Have an unmarked paper bag or eco bag with you when shopping around for luxury items.

• When buying luxury items, make sure to inspect the items you are going to purchase before paying for them. Ask the sales associate or research online on how to take care of the items.

• Embrace the surroundings and enjoy the whole shopping experience. As people say, you’re not going to have the same experience everyday so savor the moment of getting that luxury item of your dreams.

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