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Year Founded: 1927
Headquarters: Bologna, Italy
Where to Buy: Furla Store Locator

History and Background

Furla 1927 Crossbody Handbag. You can’t go wrong with this bag! Pick it up today.

The history of Furla dates back to 1927, when Aldo Furlanetto began his travels across Europe as a trader in accessories. The company, created by Aldo and his wife Margherita, aimed to provide women with any type of accessory they desired. In 1955, Aldo opened the first Furla store in Bologna.

In the 1970s, the company was handed over to Aldo and Margherita’s children, Giovanna, Carlo and Paolo. They launched the first collection of Furla handbags, which was an instant success. The brand expanded with outlet stores in Italy. In the 1980s, the brand went international, opening stores in Paris and New York. It continued to expand over the years. Today, there are over 300 Furla stores worldwide.

In 2007, Furla celebrated its 80th anniversary and launched the “Furla Talent Hub” project. The project was a magnet for fresh talent in the fashion world. It gave young designers the opportunity to design a collection for the brand. This was Furla’s way of staying relevant in an evolving world.

Brand Philosophy

Furla’s philosophy is to encourage and promote Italian contemporary culture. The brand supports the creativity of young talents through its Furla Talent Hub project.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Furla Art Award was launched in 2000. It led a competition to support young artists.

The Foundazione Furla was created in 2008, with the aim of giving continuity to the cultural projects launched by Furla and allowing the company’s successive development.

Price Range

Furla bags are affordable designer bags. The price range on their website is currently $148 to $818.

Best Known For

The Furla Metropolis bag is one of the most popular bags in the collection. It is a mini bag with an angular shape. It is made of high-quality leather and comes in many different colors, including silver and bright yellow. One great thing about the Metropolis is that you can choose the component parts (the body, flap and shoulder strap) to get a unique bag. The bag retails for $248-$428.

The Furla Metropolis Bag

Furla’s Candy Bag was popular in the summer of 2011. Even today, it remains one of the brand’s most popular bags. Unlike other Furla bags, it is made of PVC and is slightly transparent.

The Furla Candy Bag

Where You Can Buy Furla Bags

The brand can be found online and in Saks Fifth Avenue or at one of the 320 Furla stores worldwide.

You can also purchase Furla bags, purses, wallets, scarves and their other products at their website. Go to to do some window shopping of their latest product line or to pick up some truly unique goods!

Furla Warranty and Care Information

Furla offers a two-year warranty and repair on its products. They also offer optimal care instructions on their website, detailing how to care for materials such as leather, cowhide and canvas.

For leather bags, Furla recommends avoiding exposure to heat, water, oils or cosmetics. For cowhide bags, Furla recommends using a dry cloth for cleaning and avoiding cream and solvents. Furla recommends using a light damp cloth for cleaning bags made of canvas.

The Primavera Bag


In 2015, Furla opened a store on Fifth Avenue in New York. For the opening, the company launched the “Fifth Avenue” limited edition collection of bags.

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