Victoria Isabel Bethencourt

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We are featuring the lovely and talented Victoria Isabel Bethencourt. We really like her style, but more so her confidence and positivity.

She’s a fledgling fashion blogger from across the pond. Her Instagram catalogs her life and documents her love of high heels, wine and beautiful things, including bags. She definitely has a love of bags, or shall I say “bag” as she is in an intense relationship with one name brand in particular. 🙂

In this interview, we chit chat about what inspires her and also what she feels is the next new trend in fashion. She talks about what it is like to share so much of yourself on social media. We enjoyed getting to know Victoria – and we hope you do as well.

1. Tell us about who you are and what you’re about in 3 sentences.

I am a 21-year-old Retail Management Student. My family and friends are my everything; I love them all the world. Handbags are my ultimate obsession.

2. How do you describe your fashion style?

Day-time wear I love a staple jacket, other than this I dress fairly casual, I am a student after all! For me, you can’t beat a pair of jeans and a nice top. For the evening, I love to dress up. I am only 5 foot 4 so you will always see me in a 4-inch pair of heels, and I do love wearing a dress, but I try to always keep it sophisticated.


“…I try to always keep it sophisticated.”

3. What inspires you about fashion?

I love that every single person can make their own identity through their fashion sense and style. I praise anyone who has the confidence to show who they are and who they want to be through eccentric and ‘out-there’ fashion choices. Unfortunately, my complexion only suits the natural color palette so I am nudes, blacks, and whites all the way but I love that.

4. Who is your style icon?

My idol on all things fashion and lifestyle have always been Victoria Beckham. She inspires me every single day with her fashion and beauty collections, endless charity work and family lifestyle. I would love to say I aim to look as glamorous as her every single day but day-to-day I am very much a jeans and trainers girl.

“My idol on all things fashion and lifestyle have always been Victoria Beckham.”

5. What is your fashion secret? Is there something you do ritualistically?

My Fashion Secret is to always buy the same color tones because it means your whole wardrobe generally goes together! Don’t get me wrong; I have pops of color in there like a great pair of hot pink culottes I have bought recently. But with everything else being beige, black or white it is so easy to get an outfit together! This is usually why my two housemates are always in my wardrobe before a night out.

victoria in spain

We spy those pink culottes!

6. What is your current favorite handbag and why?

My Mulberry Bayswater – It is such a great color, an off-tone beige, so it goes with everything! And the size is perfect for me. Although I do have some smaller bags, I like being able to fit everything in. My Mulberry purse is large, and I like to have a little make-up bag with me too, so I don’t have to worry about space! It also comes with the most gorgeous little padlock for the latch which is adorable.

Victoria with her Mulberry Bayswater

7. What do you think is the perfect bag – if there is such a thing?

I think there is a perfect bag for everyone. Personally, my perfect bag would have been the Mulberry Willow which has now been discontinued (and has since been replaced by the zipped Bayswater). It was essentially a structured version of the Bayswater Tote, it was a great size and came in such great designs and colors with a handy removable clutch inside, that would have been perfect for me as a day-to-night bag.

8. What do you think is a timeless/classic handbag that you can carry into the future?

My Mulberry Bayswater will be with me forever (I hope!).

9. What is your holy grail handbag you would like to purchase?

Mulberry is my go-to brand, I have loved the brand ever since I remember and I was lucky enough to receive the Mulberry Classic Bayswater for my 21st birthday in December, I am so in love!! Next on my wish-list is the Mulberry Medium Lily, it’s such a great size bag, and it’s beautiful as well of course! Of course, I have always adored the Hermes collections too.

victoria with Mulberry bag

We can feel Victoria’s excitement and love for Mulberry.

10. What, besides your phone and wallet, is essential in your handbag?

My Chanel Foundation is a must as is my Benefit Hoola Bronzer, and I adore my EOS lip balm. Alongside this, I always keep some mints because you never know when you might need a freshen up!

Benefit Hoola Bronzer is a must in Victoria’s bag.

11. What do you anticipate would be “hot” next season for fashion and handbags?

As summer was all tassles and pom poms I feel like we are going to be more adventurous with winter accessories, I am feeling lots of fur bags and embellished suede on its way in.

12. What’s the number one important thing for your brand?

Consistency in what I am posting, and to keep people interested!

13. What core value drives you to do what you do, fashion blogging, Instagram, etc.

It is rewarding for me, I love it and I find it so interesting. It is so great to see people interacting and reading my blog and following my Instagram.

I read other blogs and fashion magazines but most of my inspiration comes from other Instagram accounts. I don’t go out and do photo shoots though like most brands; I take all my photos as I go and as I do things which I think is a lot more relaxed and natural than some Instagram accounts around.

Enjoying a drink after the day.

14. What are some pitfalls of putting yourself out there on Social Media? And what are the positives?

I find people are very quick to criticize. The amount of comments I have had that ‘you’re just trying to be another fashion blogger’. I actually didn’t start my blog for the clothes or the interactions, at the time I was in a job I didn’t enjoy and I wanted a hobby that I would look forward to doing. That is why I started my blog; I found it so interesting designing my site and writing posts. Although I don’t post as often at the moment, I still love it when I do, and I hope my 1000 readers of my site do too.

For me personally, I love that my Instagram and blog create a memory record. I love scrolling through and looking at all the good times I have had with my favorite people. I also think it helps my self-esteem so much, it is so nice to receive lovely comments from my lovely followers, especially being the curvy girl I am. I am very much about people being proud of who they are and enjoying every moment of your life, and I hope this comes across.

15. Is there something you want to tell us about yourself – that you’d like our readers to know?

I appreciate everything in life, so every follow, comment or like means the world. I think everyone should do what they love and push past any negativity they get, we all get it whether it’s from family, friends or followers. My Best Friend always tells me to remember you have to love yourself first because you are beautiful and that is what I live by.

victoria bethencourt family

Victoria with her family.

Thank you, Victoria for sharing. We are eager to see what lays in the future for your career. Follow Victoria on Instagram @victoria_bethencourt to see what she’s up to. Check out Victoria’s blog

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