Knit Clutch Front

Knitted cotton rope has an awesome and unique texture!

One quick easy way to enhance your daily style is to add some cool and quirky texture. This handmade knitted clutch has an awesome combination of a unique texture and artistry. It’s delicate natural color and larger size is ideal for carrying for the day or night. The fact that it is handmade, makes it all the more desirable and precious.

Knit Clutch Beach

A clutch that fits any occasion!

Textures that are different and uncommon can add character to average pieces. This plain neutral clutch is contemporary and fancy because of its knitted composition. Handmade by hand knitting a course double cotton rope in a consistent pattern on the front and the back makes this square pouch more exciting. Because of the cotton rope consistency, the bag is stiff and can stand on it own, but is still smooth to the touch when under your arm.

Knit Clutch Open

Oversized bag allows room for all your essentials!

The neutral vibe continues from the light cream of the outside to the fair tan lining of the inside. It is a heavy canvas lining that trims the inside of the bag. There are also two pockets cleverly sewn into the inside to separate your phone or cash for easy accessibility. Rather than closing the top with a zipper, which can be inconvenient, this clutch closes with a silver magnetic button and maintains the cool and casual appearance. Fortunately though, this pouch is of considerable size for a clutch making it appropriate for day or night use. It measures almost 10 inches tall by 14.5 inches wide. Easily stow your sunglasses in the summer, or gloves in the winter!

Knit Clutch Tassel

Bohemian keychain tassel is the perfect addition!

The final touch to complete the breezy but but unconventional look of this clutch is a tassel keychain that accompanies the bag. Also handmade of the same cotton rope this tassel can be attached inside the bag or to one of the exterior knit loops. This unique detail adds cute character!

Knit Clutch Beach 2

Neutral cream color will match any outfit!

When looking at this clutch purse I can’t help but get a bohemian, free spirit feel from it. Although it isn’t necessarily colorful and hippie, it definitely looks like a purse you’d purchase from Anthropologie and carry with your new fringed poncho. The neutral cream color and knitted texture, is very organic and clean. Wether you’re spending the day at the beach in the middle of the summer or running to meet your girls for hot chocolate in January, this clutch is a must for any season!

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