Gray Hobo Bag

Genuine leather in the best shade of stone gray!

The classic leather look with never go out of style for purses or for shoes. And gray is a solid color that is always comely and universally matching. Put the best of those two worlds together in a beautiful hobo bag and you have an exemplary purse for every day and every occasion. This genuine gray leather purse has an elegant shape but is large as a tote! Easily your new go-to bag!

Gray Hobo Bag Worn 2

Perfectly large hobo style tote bag!

Tote bags are great, but they generally lack some necessary flair. Straight edges and straps, and you have a roomy sack that’s great for shopping…but it’s pretty simple and even boring. This leather hobo bag however, is big like a tote but has graceful style in its construction. The bag measures 10.6 inches tall, 15.7 inches wide and 3.9 inches deep. So the bag is rather wide but rounded on the sides, and scoops down in the middle of the top. It can be worn either crossbody or over one shoulder and hangs at hip level.

Gray Hobo Bag Up Close

Attention to detail to ensure quality and durability!

I’ve raved about gray before, and I’ll do it again. Gray is a universal color, and can’t help being cool. This stone gray is no exception. The leather is creamy and smooth and allows the gray to just melt into the bag. It is genuine high quality calf leather so you know that it is durable and will wear well. The gray is the perfect shade for an everyday bag because it will match literally everything.

Gray Hobo Bag Inside

Cotton lining in a sage green with inside pockets and a key strap!!

A neat little surprise hides on the inside of the bag. The interior is lined with with a sage-colored cotton lining. The lining is super soft, and an expertly complimentary match to the gray leather. There is also a 7 inch zipper pocket inside the lining and a small leather slip pocket for your phone sewn right into the interior. Next to the zipper pouch is a snap for the removable key strap that is made of the leather. So while you’re carrying everything you need you can easily access your phone and keys.

Gray Hobo Bag Worn

Crossbody or over the shoulder this hobo bag is for every occasion!

The versatility of this bag doesn’t stop with its size and inside features. The strap allows the bag to convert from a crossbody bag to a shoulder tote. And there are additional pockets secretly on the outside of the bag. On the front of the bag there are two parallel zipper pockets. The strap is the same gray leather as the rest of the purse and is wider than normal straps. It is also adjustable; it can be lengthened to wear crossbody or doubled up to wear on one shoulder.

This leather hobo bag is all you could ever ask for. From the amazing leather, the delicate color, and the versatile features, it is the best every-day bag. Not to mention its large size to carry all your necessities.

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