Trendy bucket bag in hemp and leather!

Ready for a bag you can’t wait to show off! This chic bucket bag will rival any designer name! In leather, hemp, and cotton, and with a bold black geometric pattern, this one-of-a-kind purse is the best way to show off a fun, new style.

Bucket bags are not your typical bag. They have unique look that is becoming extremely trendy. Bucket bags have a round bottom and a drawstring closure at the top, which makes it resemble a bucket (hence the name). Most bucket bags have a longer strap to function as a cross body bag enhancing its popularity with it’s ease to carry. With its slouchy and open look, bucket bags are very casual and easy, but the style of this purse is both reckless and dressy.


Cute cross body style with a perfect leather strap!

Put together a gorgeous leather and printed hemp, and you have a stylish combination for a killer purse. Plus the added bonus that this is an entirely eco friendly handmade creation! The main part of the bag is a white hemp and organic cotton that is hand screen printed in a bold, and reminiscently tribal, geometric pattern. The ink is jet black, and it is water-based solvent free ink. This black and white design is eye-catching and very trendy. The top of the bag is encircled with a soft leather that is vegetable tanned, and then sealed with olive oil, coconut and bees wax. It is a light tan that will naturally darken. Within the leather portion, a white cotton rope cinches the top and completes the bucket bag style.


Beautiful jet black geometric pattern!

Seamlessly continuing the elegance to the inside of the bag, the lining is also a hemp and cotton blend in a light tan. There is a neat little pocket sewn into the inside that measures 5 inches by 5 inches. It’s a perfect space to fit your phone, keys, or cash to keep them easily at your finger tips. The bag does not have a snap or zipper because it cinches with rope, which keeps it casual.


Leather wraps around the top and cinches with a stylish hemp rope!

Since most bucket bags are made to be worn as a crossbody purse, they are usually not overwhelmingly large. The strap for this bag is a convenient 37 inches. While the body of the bag is 11 inches tall, 10.5 inches wide and 6 inches deep.


Eco-friendly fabrics of the highest quality!

Bucket bags are perfect for ladies who like to have room for all their necessities. There for you when a clutch is not going to cut it, bucket bags are like satchels that are ideal for busy babes. Whether your on your way to class, to work, or just out and about, this bucket bag is a gorgeous accessory.

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