Goyard is one of the most sought-after brands in the luxury handbag world. So, what makes Goyard bags so special, you ask?

Well, they are a rare breed that not just anyone will get to own. This is because Goyard doesn’t commonly make its bags available at department stores or websites.

Instead, customers are invited to purchase a bag from Goyard directly or must wait for that rare moment when the Goyard inventory is updated and new bags become available for purchase.

Thankfully, there are ways to find these rare bags for sale if you know where to look!

Today’s blog post will explore some of the most popular Goyard Bag Styles currently available for purchase and will share insider secrets on where you can find them and how to identify authentic Goyard products from the knock-offs.

What Is a Goyard Bag?

A Goyard Bag is a handbag or a type of luggage made with a durable and luxurious fabric called Goyardine.

Goyardine is a textile made from a silk and wool blend woven into a square pattern. The bags are commonly made with a two-tone color such as black and white, black and gold, or black and navy blue.

Goyard bags are characterized by their woven logo, usually found on the bottom corner of the bag, with the brand’s name printed in white on a black background.

The brand is also known for its signature double “x” symbol scripted across the bag in large letters. Even the zipper pullers on the bags are made to look like an “x”!

For those who are not familiar with Goyard, this luxury brand has been making handbags and other accessories since 1853.

Originally, Goyard was a French stationery store that grew to become one of the most well-known brands in the world.

Goyard Messenger Bag

goyard messenger bag

The Goyard Messenger Bag is one of the most popular handbags that Goyard produces.

The bag is made with Goyard’s signature double “x” design, a woven logo, and a durable black and white fabric called Goyardine.

In addition, the bag features a top zipper closure, an inside zipper pocket, an outside pocket, and a shoulder strap with a gold-colored metal snap at the end.

The Goyard Messenger Bag is a timeless and chic investment bag. Its eternal design and durable construction make it a great bag to buy now and wear for years to come.

In addition, Goyard bags are known for their quality construction and longevity, making them great investment pieces.

Goyard Tote Bag

Goyard Tote Bag

The Tote is one of Goyard’s most popular handbag designs. This Tote is made with classic colors, a durable black and white Goyardine fabric, and features a top zipper closure and an inside zipper pocket.

The bag also includes a large Goyard logo printed on the front of the bag in large letters. The Goyard Tote Bag is a chic accessory that works with any ensemble or event.

The Tote is large enough to fit a laptop, books, or whatever daily items you need to carry. It is also durable enough to withstand constant use over a long time, making this an excellent investment opportunity.

However, this tote bag might not be the ideal choice if you’re searching for something compact and light. This bag is larger in size and made with a strong fabric, making it heavier than smaller bags.

Goyard Crocodile Bag

Goyard Crocodile Bag

The Crocodile Bag is a distinctive Goyard Bag style that will make you stand out. This unique crocodile skin bag is unquestionably a show item.

However, the bag is more of a “formal” bag best suited to special occasions.

The Crocodile Bag is available in both small and large sizes, but the smaller size tends to be more popular.

The small Crocodile can be worn as a clutch or slung over the shoulder for an evening out on the town. It is available in just one color: a gorgeous blend of black-and-white crocodile tones.

Goyard Stylus Bag

Goyard Stylus Bag

The Goyard Stylus Bag is a computer bag designed with the large Goyard logo printed on the front.

The bag is made with Goyard’s signature black and white Goyardine fabric. It features an inside zipper pocket, a top zipper closure, and a long strap with a gold-colored metal snap at the end.

It is large and made with a strong fabric, again making it heavier than similar bags. The Goyard Stylus Bag is a stylish and functional computer bag that is large enough to fit a laptop plus accessories.

The bag features an inner zipper pocket to secure your laptop, plus other accessories such as a mouse, chargers, or headphones.

This bag may not be the best option if you are looking for something small and light. It is designed to fit about a 15″ laptop, so if you have a larger laptop, this bag may not suit.

Goyard Saddle Bag

Goyard Saddle Bag

The Goyard Saddle Bag is a crossbody bag made with Goyard’s signature black and white Goyardine fabric.

The bag features a top zipper closure, a long strap with a gold-colored metal snap at the end, and an inside zipper pocket.

The Goyard Saddle Bag is a timeless crossbody bag ideal for daily usage. Its easygoing style suits a night out in jeans or a cocktail dress.
It is made with solid fabric and features a top zipper closure, making it a secure and safe bag choice.

However, this crossbody bag might not be for you who want something less conspicuous. The Saddle Bag is designed to be worn across clothing and to extend or compliment your outfit.

Goyard Damascus Flane Bag

Goyard Damascus Flane Bag

The Damascus Flane Bag is a gorgeous handbag made in one of the most desired Goyard Bag designs.

It is made from Goyard’s signature Damask pattern, which makes it a unique and special bag in its own right.

This bag features an interior made of black Goyard canvas and comes with an attached zip pouch. The Damascus Flane also comes with a long strap that can be worn in three ways: as a shoulder bag, crossbody, or even a handbag!

In addition, this bag is roomy enough to carry a laptop plus other items comfortably.

The Damascus Flane bag is available in several colors, but the most popular ones are black and gold, black and silver, and black and red.

Goyard TGV Toiletry Bag

Goyard TGV Toiletry Bag

This bag is an elegant twist on the traditional toiletry bag. The TGV Toiletry Bag features a sleek design with grey piping and the Goyard logo on the outside.

This bag can be used as a toiletry bag, makeup bag, or even a small bag for your travel documents! The TGV Toiletry Bag is made from black Goyard canvas and features a secure zipper closure.

Goyard Marine Travel Case

Goyard Marine Travel Case

The Marine Travel Case is a large travel bag that can store your items and toiletries while traveling.

The Marine Travel Case is made from black Goyard canvas and features a zipper closure and an interior zipper pocket. It is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large!

The Goyard brand is known for its luxurious, high-end handbags that have become a staple for fashionable women.

In addition, Goyard handbags are often sought after because of their high-quality craftsmanship and exquisite designs.

Whether you are looking for a classic tote or a statement backpack bag, Goyard has something for everyone.


When purchasing a luxury handbag, you will want to ensure you get a good quality bag. Luxury handbags, like Goyard, are often counterfeited by unethical companies, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the brand and know how to identify a fake item.

Today, Goyard offers a wide range of handbags, wallets, travel accessories, and luggage. Whether you prefer classic styles or modern shapes, Goyard has a bag style perfect for any occasion.


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