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Alberta’s most populous city, Calgary is full of things to do and places to go that will give you a reason to show off your best designer handbag.

The city has a long history with cattle and leatherworkers, giving it the nicknames Cowtown and Stampede City. With such a history, you’ll be sure to find plenty of professional leatherworkers in the city that can lend a hand when you need to send your bag in for repairs. It won’t matter if it’s an old bag that needs a new lease of life, or just a quick repair on one of your favorite handbags.

We’ve compiled a list of professional repair shops in the Calgary area for you to check out when you need repairs.

If you know of any other repair shop in Calgary that should be on our list – please let us know.

Capital Hill Shoe Clinic Ltd

3800 Memorial Dr
Calgary, AB T2A 2K2

Phone: (403) 571-7777

Sina Shoe Repair (S&S Shoe Repair & Retail)

2525 36 St NE #130, Calgary
AB T1Y 5T4

Phone: (403) 288-2913

Joe’s Shoe Clinic

6449 Crowchild Trail SW
Calgary, AB T3E 5R7

Phone: (403) 249-4201

Given the city’s history of leatherwork, it should go without saying that even though these shops are classed as shoe repair shops, they’ll offer quality services for any and all leather goods. No matter who you go to, they’ll know how to handle your favorite handbag.

Situated inside the Marlborough Mall, Capital Hill Shoe Clinic is easy to get to for those east of the Bow River. The best way to get to the shop is to head south off the Trans-Canada Highway onto 36th Street. However, those coming from downtown might have a better time heading east on Memorial Drive until they reach the mall.

If you’re coming from the north of the city, then Sina Shoe Repair might be easier to get to. Situated in Sunridge Mall, just head north off the Trans-Canada Highway when you reach the intersection for 36th Street.

Those of you west of the Bow River might have a better time getting to Joe’s Shoe Clinic. Situated in the Lakeview area of the city, take Crowchild Trail south until you pass over Route 8 and then turn off onto 63 Avenue SW.

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