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The largest city in Yorkshire, Leeds has made a name for itself as one of the UK’s nightlife hotspots. You’ll have no end of reasons to get out your favourite designer handbags while you’re in the city.

With all the use it’s bound to get, it’s inevitable that your favourite handbag will need a touch-up from time to time. Luckily, Leeds has a history in the textiles industry, so there are plenty of professionals that can help you out.

Whether you need a strap repaired, a replacement zip, or you just want to bring an old favourite back to its former glory, you won’t have trouble finding professional repair shops in the city.

We’ve compiled a list of professional repair shops in the Leeds area that you can check out if you’re ever in need.

If you know of any other repair shops in the Leeds area that should be on our list – please contact us.

Carl’s Cobblers

86 Queen St, Morley
Leeds LS27 9BP

Phone: +44 (754) 514-6483

Craggs Shoe Repairs Ltd

716 King Ln
Leeds LS17 7BA

Phone: +44 (113) 261-0200

Natural Born Cobblers

Unit 41b, The Merrion Centre
Leeds LS2 8NG, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (788) 786-1515

There’s no need to worry about the fact these shops are registered as cobblers. All of these shops offer quality services for any and all leather products. Your favourite bag will be in professional hands.

For those of you in central Leeds, Natural Born Cobblers will be the easiest shop to get to for repairs. Located inside the Merrion Centre you’ll have no problems finding it if you’re in Leeds City Centre.

Anyone north of Leeds will find it easier to get to Craggs Shoe Repairs. Situated along King Lane in Black Moor, take the A61 north of Leeds, turn onto the A6120 going west, then turn onto King Lane.

If you’re south of the city, then Carl’s Cobblers will be the easiest shop to reach. Located on Queen Street in Morley, take the M621 south, then turn onto the A6110 heading south until you reach Wide Lane.

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