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As Quebec’s capital city, Quebec City is home to countless reasons for you to spend the day in your most stylish outfits.

With so many reasons to show off, it’s inevitable that you’ll end up giving your favorite handbag a run for its money. Not to worry though, Quebec City offers plenty of professional leatherworkers who can help you when your designer handbags are in need of a touch-up.

Whether you need a zip replaced, a strap mended, or you just need someone to brighten up an old handbag, Quebec City will have the person for the job. We’ve compiled a list of professional repair shops in the Quebec City area. Check them out below if you’re in need of their services.

If you know any other repair shops in Quebec City that should be on our list – please let us know.

Cordonnerie Chez Francois (Ma)

1544 Rue de l’Esplanade
Québec, QC G3J 1E1

Phone: (418) 845-1180

Cordonnerie Le Carrefour

du local, 5000 3e Av O
Quebec City,QC G1H 7J1

Phone: (418) 628-9483

Cordonnerie Ultra

990 Bd de la Chaudière
Québec, QC G1X 4M8

Phone: (418) 652-8569

Despite these shops being registered for shoe repairs, they all offer professional services on any and all leather goods. So, there’s no need to worry, your favorite handbag will be in good hands.

If you’re in the south of the city, then Cordonnerie Ultra will be the easiest shop to get to. The shop is located in the Cap-Rouge borough, along Bd de la Chaudière. Just take Exit 304 off of Autoroute 40 and head southeast on Avenue le Gendre.

For those of you coming from the north of the city, then Cordonnerie Chez Francois will be your best bet. Located along Route 369 in Val-Belair, just take Autoroute 573 north and take exit 5.

If you’re spending your time in central Quebec City, then Cordonnerie Le Carrefour will be the easiest shop to reach. Situated in the Quartier 4-6 district, along 3e Av Ouest, it’s only a short walk north of Autoroute 40.

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