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Originally made in 1923, this Hermes Bolide was designed specifically for Emile-Maurice Hermes’ wife, who was going to attend an automobile event (a fairly big deal 100 years ago). The Hermes Bolide is the perfect travel companion / go-to bag and is the first Hermes bag ever to have a zipper compartment.

The Hermes Bolide is visually impressive with its curvy round body, padlock, zipper compartment, and straps that you can interchange. The curved long handles are perfect for taking it anywhere with comfort and style.

Dimensions: 12″ long, 9.4″ high and 4.7″ deep
Material: Taurillon Clemence Leather
Colors: 5 Various Colors
Origin: Paris
Price: (USD) $8,100

Hermes Boldie with Horse Charm
Hermes Bolide with horse charm. Photo by BopTalk

Hermes Boldie Noir Unboxed
Hermes Bolide Noir Unboxed. Photo by BopTalk

Hermes Boldie Grey
Hermes Bolide Gris Etain. Photo by LuxuryMavins

Hermes Boldie Monster Shark
Hermes Bolide Monster Shark Collab. Photo by MightyChic

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