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Are you staying in or nearby Paris? Here is a list of Hermes boutiques and what they carry in each store in Paris area.

Hermès Paris Faubourg Saint Honoré

This boutique is the flagship store and the headquarters of Hermès. It carries all handmade leather goods like bags, wallets, pouches and purses, and men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, as well as jewelry and watches. This boutique is also famous for their limited edition and bespoke items such as fishing lures and hooks, leather boxing gloves, and many more.

Note: You need to set an appointment to visit this grand boutique. It is almost always busy even with an appointment, there is still approximately a 30 minute wait time in the queue.

Address: 24 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris
Phone: +33 140 174 600


Monday – Saturday
10:30am – 6:30pm


Hermès Paris George V

Avenue George V is a very famous street in Paris. This Hermès is smaller and less busier than the one in Saint Honore but it has a great variety of styles and sizes and colors of your favorite signature Birkin bag, loads of different designs of scarves and twillys, small leather goods, shoes for men and women, watches and jewelry, and ready-to-wear for men and women. It is advisable to book an appointment beforehand when visiting this boutique because there will be a longer wait time (approximately 20 minutes) when you do a walk-in visit. This boutique does in-store shopping, in-store pick up and curbside pick up services.

Address: 42 Av. George V, 75008 Paris
Phone: +33 147 204 851


Monday – Saturday
10:30am – 6:30pm


Hermès Paris Sèvres

This huge Hermès boutique is said to be the biggest out of all the 3 branches in Paris. It features the well-loved Birkin and Kelly bags, men and women’s ready to wear, leather goods and accessories, shawls and ties. They also feature a vast collection of home and outdoor goods.

Hermès Paris Sèvres recommends getting an appointment online prior to visiting the boutique because they only allow a limited number of people in store and prioritize the people that book an appointment more than the walk-ins. There will still be a waiting time, approximately 30 minutes to one hour depending on the availability of the boutique and its sales associates. This  offers in-store shopping, in-store pick up and delivery.

Address: 17 Rue de Sèvres, 75006 Paris
Phone: +33 142 228 083


Monday – Saturday
10:30am – 7pm


Things to Consider:

• Make sure to research online or call ahead prior to your visit and ask about the establishment’s health and safety protocols. They may require wearing masks indoors. And since they limit the number of people indoors, it is advised to schedule an appointment before visiting the boutique as there can be a long wait for walk ins (approximately 1 hour or more).

• Make sure to be mindful of your belongings. If you have a car with you, make sure to park it in the parking space for the establishment or boutique. It is also handy to bring some unmarked paper bags or eco bags with you.

• If you are after a specific item, before visiting the nearest boutique, make sure to call in advance to ask if it is available or there’s ample stock. Paris stores are very popular and are located in iconic tourist destinations so new arrivals might sell out fast.

• Always inspect the items you are about to purchase for any kind of damages before paying for them so the sales associates can exchange them for you. It saves you time going back to have them returned or exchanged.

• Ask and research about how to care for, clean and store your luxury items. Some products are sensitive to high temperatures and climate changes. So it is always good to know how to make them stay in pristine quality.

• Check the shop’s return and exchange policies or have a sales associate tell you.

• Enjoy the whole shopping experience. Enjoy the view, feast your eyes with all the beautiful architecture and fall in love with the luxury item of your dreams.

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