How to Remove Scratches from Louis Vuitton HardwareLouis Vuitton handbags, briefcases, and other leather goods are among the most expensive. Unfortunately, they are also among the most troublesome to fix.

Scratched hardware is one of those things you don’t want to see. Nonetheless, it would be best not to toss your entire bag out.

You can fix it yourself without having to pay thousands of dollars. With just a few simple steps, you can restore your LV handbag or wallet to like-new condition.

Here are some suggestions for fixing Louis Vuitton hardware that has been scratched.


How to Remove Scratches From Leather Hardware

The high-quality leather used by Louis Vuitton ensures that their high-end accessories will last for years. In addition to being unsightly, scuff marks on a leather accessory can actually damage the leather over time.

You can remedy damage from oils and dirt by cleaning, but the leather may become stiffer or drier than before.

Scuff marks should be cleaned and moisturized after being removed as soon as possible.

In many cases, you can easily repair lightly-scratched leather with household items, but this will depend on the substance that caused the blemish in the first place.


Three Steps for Leather Scratch Repair

Check out these three steps to repair scratches on leather.

1. Check if the scuff is just dirt by rubbing a damp cloth over it. If it is difficult to remove, switch to a different cleaning method below.

2. Use the household product, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, to clean the scuff. Make sure it is damp. Massage in an up-and-down motion, alternating with gentle side-to-side strokes.

3. A drop of leather conditioner or cleanser on a clean, lint-free cloth can be rubbed into the scratched leather in circular motions to restore its luster. The leather’s inherent oils, which are brought out by the conditioner, remove the scratch marks.


How to Remove Scratches from Brass Hardware

If you want to restore brass and metal hardware, using a metal polishing product explicitly designed for brass and brass toners is best.

Several types of brass polishes are available at home improvement stores, such as Brasso, which contains abrasive particles.

To apply the polish, rub the surface of the brass with a clean cloth dipped in the polish. After rubbing for about 30 seconds, rinse the excess polish with water.


Does Louis Vuitton Repair Scratched Hardware?

The brand will repair damaged zippers and leather trim on bags sold since 2010. Customers can send their bags to one of the company’s boutiques, where a team of experts will assess the damage and make recommendations. If necessary, LV will replace the item free of charge.

Online repairs are available for all items purchased through the LV online shop. Repairing items online is less expensive than having them fixed locally. These repairs can typically take anywhere from thirty minutes up to five hours.


How Does Louis Vuitton Repair Damaged Hardware?

If you find yourself needing repairs, there are several options available to you. Here’s what you can expect when requesting help from Louis Vuitton.


1. Request an online repair with Louis Vuitton

In this first step, use the LV App to schedule an appointment with a Care Expert or submit a service request.


2. Meet with a care expert

Obtain advice from a Louis Vuitton Care Expert by video chat, telephone, or electronic mail.


3. Send your hardware for repair

Use the included UPS mailing label to send your item to the Louis Vuitton Repair Atelier for free.

Care experts from Louis Vuitton will examine your item and provide you with a quote for the necessary repairs.


If you decide to move forward, they will supply you with a free mailing label so you may send your Louis Vuitton bag to the Louis Vuitton Repair Atelier.

1. Track your hardware repair

You can check in on the status of your service request using the Louis Vuitton mobile app.

2. Receive Your Item

Once Louis Vuitton has finished fixing your item, they will send it back to you via shipping.


How much does the repair cost?

The price of repairs varies widely from one item to the next. So before starting any repair, the Care Experts at Louis Vuitton will offer you an estimate so you may decide whether or not to proceed.


Love and Care with Louis Vuitton Bag Repair

You may think your Louis Vuitton handbag is bound to become damaged with time. But there are very useful ways to keep your handbag safe while still looking great.

Learn how to protect your Louis Vuitton bag with these suggestions.


1. Keep your handbag in its original cloth bag or a pillowcase

Many people think stuffing your bag with newspaper or tissue paper will help prevent damage to leather bags. This is true, but it doesn’t do much good if you aren’t taking care of the leather itself.

If you want to protect your bag, make sure to put it in its original fabric case or pillowcase.


2. Clean with soap and water

Use a mild detergent and cool water on baby wipes or a soft cloth to clean your bag. Use light, circular motions to rub the fabric over the hardware until it is completely dry.

Avoid using chlorine-based cleaning products like bleach and ammonia. Use gentle washing liquid instead.


3. Keep it dry

Water can cause serious damage to your bag over time, such as water marks and water stains. Keep your handbag in a cool, dark place for maximum protection. This will help prevent moisture damage. You can put your bag inside a plastic bag or zip it up tightly. Make sure there is no air circulating around the bag.


Can You Prevent or Fix Any Scratches on the Hardware?

We can’t avoid getting scratches. Regular use will eventually cause them. However, there are ways to extend their lifespan.

The best thing you can do to avoid scratching your bag is to use a soft brush rather than a hard one. It will allow you to gently clean off dirt without damaging the finish. You can also try cleaning your bag with a damp cloth.

If you notice that your bag is already damaged, don’t panic. There are many ways to repair it. Leather polishing kits are designed specifically for leather handbags and can help bring out the natural beauty of your bag.
A good tip to remember is always to wear your handbag over one shoulder. Doing so allows you to move it around easily, keeping your bag close to your body and away from abrasive surfaces.

It would help if you didn’t overload your bag, either. When you pack too much into your bag, it puts unnecessary stress on the straps and frame. Overloading causes the bag to weaken and eventually crack.

Finally, make sure you store your bag in a cool place where it won’t be exposed to moisture or direct sunlight.

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