Joshu+Vela is an amazing bag shop located in the Mission. Watch bags, backpacks, and totes being made. They only use the highest quality materials and they provide a lifetime warranty on their products!

joshu vela front entrance

Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-5pm
Location: 3042 16th Street San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone: (415) 872-5347

Why did you pick this part of town to set up shop?

In order to be in a central location as well as have more affordable rent landed us on 16th and mission.

Are all your bags made on site?

Yes, they are all made on site.

It says on your site you can come see bags being made.

We don’t do custom bags. But you can see the workshop as you enter the store.

joshu vela bags being made

It says on your site you’ve worked with Levi’s and North Face. What have you learned from them, that you brought to Joshu+Vela?

Yes, it was a great experience to work with all the talented people at both those places!

Can you name some of the classic heritage pieces that given you some of your best inspiration?

Several of our bags are inspired by the LL Bean Boat ’n’ Tote. Others are insipred by tool bags, eastpak backpacks and 1970’s duffle bags to name a few.

L&L bean boat and tote blue trim

L&L Bean Boat N’ Tote

What’s your top seller?

The keyhook is a top seller. Its an affordable price point and a very original design.

Joshu Vela Brass Key Hook

What’s a product that you think more people should know about that you manufacture?

The Baja Backpack is something I think people are looking for, but just have not yet found our website!

joshu vela tote backpack tan canvas leather made in san francisco usa

We noticed you like to source American made materials. It’s obvious to us why you would do that, but can you expand deeply on why you do and why others should?

American materials are better for the types of bags we make and of course so much cheaper to ship to our studio in SF!

Why don’t you use zinc hardware?

I prefer solid metal hardware to zinc.

Joshu Vela purse hardware

Are you noticing big bag brands (even high end ones) using crappier materials and hardware?

There will always be crappy materials on the market!

What do you do with leftover materials?

We donate it!

Joshu+Vela products have a lifetime warranty!

Lili’s Picks

The Zip Briefcase is the perfect size and everything is enclosed and can be carried on the back. It’s a good size and secure. Versatile for work, school and fun.
– Lili

joshu vela tan waxed canvas zip briefacse two canvas leather

The Zip Briefcase (Made in San Francisco, USA)

The Utility Tote is the perfect size for anything. And the external pockets to stow easily accessible items such as a cell phone and keys are often overlooked when designing a tote like this.
– Lili

joshu vela cotton twill small utility tote natural quarter

Utility Tote

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