Quick Facts

Year Founded: 1933
Headquarters: St. Tropez, France
Company Website:


History and Background

K. Jacques is primarily known for their shoe line. However, they do make a few bags each years as well as several clutches.

It all started with a “gladiator sandal”.

You heard that right.

To be more specific, the Tropezienne gladiator sandal. In 1933, Jacques Keklikian created this sandal in the French town of St. Tropez. He would trace the outline of his friends, family and neighbors on cardboard and create sandals for them. His wife, Elise added her touch of style to the sandals and they became a town hit.

As luck would have it, thousands would flock to St. Tropez in the summer – and influential people like Picasso, Brigitte Bardot and Madeleine Renaud started wearing his sandals. Guess what that led to?

“Clutch Tanagra” in alligator leather

Clutch Tanagra Pul Azur Leather