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We are doing a review of this Kate Spade Tote in Aubergine. This is our October Giveaway and we are really excited about this tote since it is bigger than our usual giveaways.

I really like this tote. I would use this tote on a day to day basis for myself. It’s a huge tote, it’s spacious inside. It is a two-toned design with eggplant on the outside and rose colored on the inside. It is a vast sized tote with just a side pocket inside. The inside pocket is actually 2 pockets, an open pocket and a zippered one which is useful to store items such as keys so you don’t lose them in the zippered pocket and the open pocket is for easily accessible items such as a cell phone or such.

It’s quite huge so if you are going out and about in the day you can fit a lot of stuff in here especially if you live in the city. It fits a computer really easily and you still have room for extra shoes and your other needs.

The seams are on the outside which is unique. I like the fact that it stands on its own. It won’t topple over and has some structure to it. It is all leather. It has 2 tone tassel details which I like. It’s a cute decoration.

Since the seams are outside, I’m not sure how it will wear as you carry it. It might get more wear on the corners as they are protruding.

The handles are 2 tone in color also and the handle drops are really big so that you can comfortably carry it on your shoulders. The bottom is square which helps keep its shape.

This bag was purchased at a Kate Spade Outlet for $120 USD.

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