La Friperie du Village bag shop

Address: 304 Lakeshore Drive, Point Claire
QC H9S 4L5, Canada

Phone: 514-467-1875

We recently came across La Friperie du Village and had to ask them some questions. If you ever visit the Montreal area, be sure to swing by!

Why did you start your boutique? Tell us the history!

My partner Tanya had the idea of opening a consignment boutique. She had been consigning her clothing & accessories at a younger age for many years. Being that the clothing industry is the second most polluting industry in the world it felt right to start a “Planet Friendly” business.

We started with clothing, shoes accessories and a few designer bags which included a Burberry Bowling Bag. Very exciting it was for us to have a nice pre-loved designer bag.

We opened an online shop & social media pages to give maximum exposure to these beautiful items and before we knew it, the bag was sold. The owner had others and word of mouth started.

Over 4 years in and we are now known to be the “Go To” boutique in all of Quebec for pre-loved designer bags and one of the biggest and more versatile inventories in Canada.

For our English speaking audience, can you translate what La Friperie du Village mean?

The exact translation for Friperie would be Thrift Shop. 90 percent of our inventory in clothing is “Pre-Loved”.

a women weaing a fur coat and holding a shoe

Shoppers at La Friperie du Village always find great items to love again.

What makes La Friperie du Village unique?

First and foremost all of our clientele deal directly with us, the owners. We have no employees, making it a very personalized business. We have worked hard and developed our knowledge in designer bags and the clientele recognizes it.

We also have great reputation for our prices. At the Friperie the market will decide on our pricing. For every item that comes in we do our market research and make price comparisons. We’ll do 10 price checks in North America and we price below, always taking in consideration the condition of items.

Women & men shop around, they know values and they quickly realize we did our homework. As far as consignment goes, our commission rates are lower than most similar businesses. We think that our clients deserve the maximum return for these beautiful designer items. Last and not least we are very responsive to our clientele on all our media platforms. Around the clock we answer questions regarding our products and boutique.

Tell us about your bag product authentication technology – how does it work?

We receive between 5-15 designer items weekly and are very strict with authenticity. We have an actual authenticator that comes in store once a week to verify items plus we have developed a partnership with reputed NY based authentication firm Entrupy and have the system in store to verify product that we receive & also offer authentication services for clients and their personal bags.

Do you sell products online?

We do sell products online. All designer items are posted online with specific details.

fashion model crossing street with handbag and umbrella

Of course you can always go to their shop in person and come out looking like this!

What should someone’s first bag be? What would you recommend?

I think that a classic Monogram Louis Vuitton bag should be everyone’s first designer bag. They are iconic and well priced these items do not depreciate. You can purchase one of these with us, use it with care for 5 years, bring it back to put on consignment and we will sell it exactly the same price or more (depending on market availability).

What’s your favorite LV bag and why?

Being a man that likes to haves hands free I am more of a crossbody type of person. I love the Danube GM and the Saumur 35.

Tanya loves Vintage Dior bags. She also loves the Saumur in Louis Vuitton and has a weakness for the beautiful Montsouris Backpack MM.

What’s in store for the future of La Friperie du Village?

We plan to keep developing our local and nationwide clientele, making sure we always have beautiful items in our boutique to satisfy their needs. From Birkin to Chanel to Louis Vuitton to Gucci just to name a few, we have it all.

Tanya & I are a strong team. We combine our strengths and efforts making sure we offer the best service possible. Our clientele is our priority.

– Tanya & Olivier

Images by: Robby Mariani – Model: Lea Valente

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