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The Alzer Legacy

While the Louis Vuitton brand has grown and developed over the last 150 years to incorporate handbags, clothes, shoes and other designer commodities, luxury luggage is still at the root of its production. Travel trunks are a legacy that began with the introduction of the first Louis Vuitton trunk in 1858.

The closest thing to the behemoth trunks of the 1800’s that are still currently in production are the hardsided luggage collections: Alzer, Bisten, and Cotteville.

The Alzer suitcase is a symbol of both affluence and convenience. It is also a symbol of traditional Louis Vuitton travel. This suitcase has been in production for several decades, and is still one of the most sought after pieces of luxury luggage. The design is noticeably based off the original trunk model featuring a flat, square top that Louis Vuitton introduced for the ease of packing and stacking luggage. The Alzer also comes in multiple sizes to suit any traveling lifestyle.

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Louis Vuitton products are well-known for their flawless manufacturing and severe attention to detail. The Alzer suitcase maintains that standard. Each trunk is made of a poplar wood frame, giving it strength and durability.

The classic monogrammed Alzer is then covered with Louis Vuitton’s unmistakable canvas, but some styles are covered with smooth leather.

As with all Louis Vuitton pieces, the hardware that lines the sides, covers the corners, and composes the clasps and locks are golden brass metalware. The Alzer suitcase features the time-honored “S” lock that was patented by Louis Vuitton in 1890; accompanied by it’s matching key. Two golden brass trunk latches are placed on the outer edges of the top to reinforce the case when closed.

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The Alzer suitcase is different from other Louis Vuitton luggage options in several ways. This is the only suitcase in production that features a removable tray insert. The tray allows for the separation of clothing articles, especially suits.

The Alzer is also the widest of the hardsided luggage suitcases. Although the Bisten suitcase is available in multiple sizes, the Alzer has the largest range from 60cm to 80cm. There are five Alzer size options in total: the Alzer 60, 65, 70, 75, and 80.

Estimated Cost

Since the hardsided luggage represents the original Louis Vuitton travel trunks more so than the softsided duffle bags like the Keepall, you can expect the price of the hardsided suitcases to reflect that legacy. The classic monogrammed canvas Alzer ranges from $7,950.00 USD for the smallest Alzer 65, to $8,950.00 USD for the Alzer 80, the largest Alzer suitcase. Each Alzer is accompanied by the removable tray insert and a black protective cover.

Louis Vuitton protective cover

Louis Vuitton protective cover

If you purchase a new Louis Vuitton Alzer suitcase in one of the retail stores located all across the world you can expect a standard price, but if you are looking into used items online the price will vary drastically.

There are many online retailers that offer Alzer suitcases in variable sizes and conditions. The price can also vary between $1,000.00 USD and upwards to $10,000.00 USD. But most vintage Alzer suitcases are between $2,000.00 USD and $5,000.00 USD. However, when purchasing used Louis Vuitton pieces through a third-party retailer it is important to verify authenticity before your purchase.

While the monogrammed canvas Alzer is the most traditional option available for Louis Vuitton suitcases, several rare pieces have been produced that feature a checkered pattern or leather covering. Vintage Alzers can be found in black, Kenyon Fawn, Taiga Green, and even red leather. Limited addition Graphite and Azur checkered-patterned cases can also be found on Ebay, but both deviations can cost quite a bit more than the typical brown canvas.


Louis Vuitton is a brand that means luxury in any language, and that translates to purses, clothes and accessories. But Louis Vuitton’s origins will always be in travel trunks, and the Alzer suitcase bridges the gap between the large steamer trunks of the late 1800’s and the carryall luggage of today.

With several sizes to suit any suit that you need to pack away, the Alzer suitcase is the epitome of traveling in style. But be sure to put that protective cover to good use if ever you check one of these beautiful trunks when flying around the world.

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