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The Louis Vuitton Lymington displays the perfect mix of classic designer elements and modern day styling. Made for the chic, modern woman, the Lymington is the perfect city bag that is timeless enough to carry all year long.

Boasting an elegant Damier finish, the spacious bag looks like your typical LV purse but re-shaped with a folded silhouette that gives a unique twist to its construction.

It has an overall glamorous and ladylike aesthetic but is also built to be a versatile piece that you can easily carry from day to night.

The Lymington has a detachable long strap for shoulder carrying and also two flat handles, if you want to carry it as a tote. It has tassel accents, which can also be removed for a more subtle look.

Dimensions: 13.8 x 9.5 x 5.5 inches
Material: Damier Ebene Coated Canvas
Colors: Ebene, Azur
Origin: Paris
Price: (USD) $2,000

Louis Vuitton Lymington
Louis Vuitton Lymington. Photo by Oxana_Iv

Louis Vuitton Lymington Azur Unboxed
Louis Vuitton Lymington Azur. Photo by Ultimate Luxury Fashion

Louis Vuitton Lymington Azur Multi-View
Louis Vuitton Lymington Azur Multi-View. Photo by LuxofParis

Louis Vuitton Lymington Unboxed
Louis Vuitton Lymington Unboxed. Photo by P_Love_Lux

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