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“It” model Gigi Hadid has been carrying around this cutie! The Louis Vuitton Twist. The metallic 3-D LV signature is an updated look fitting for the new millennium – it’s simplistic yet stylish and bold.

The name refers to the “twist lock”, which works by twisting the letter “L” into the “V”. Upon close inspection, you see that the signature “L” and “V” are the same letter, slightly turned askew. Ingenious LV!

The LV Twist was firs introduced in 2014 and it is the perfect eye-catching bag that screams to be looked at. Similar in style to the classic Chanel flap bag, yet with an updated vibe and look.

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It is the perfect accessory for any look, elevating even the grungiest look to a well coordinated outfit. Big enough to carry essentials (including a large smart phone) but small enough to not get in the way when carrying it cross body or just on the shoulder. Promoted with a “wave” base which allows for just a little expansion to carry more than it looks.

The Twist GM measures 10.6 x 7.1 x 3.9 inches (Length x Height x Width). It is made of Épi leather (LV’s own design of water and scratch resistant leather) and has microfiber lining and has an inside pocket.

It’s a bag that will go with almost any outfit and can be carried at any occasion. Versatile, chic and at the same time classic.

Price: $3,250
Available at: Louis Vuitton stores, Bloomingdales

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