The name says it all!

Look at this wonderful party bag – wow – we really like it! It’s glittery, perfect for the night out.

Perfect for just taking your essentials when you’re on the go. It’s not like a big bag where you’re weighed down. You can go dancing, you can go out and not worry about a place to put your bag. You can put your lipstick, your drivers license, a credit card and your car keys – you don’t need space for anything else.

Neely and Chloe glitter shoulder bag front view

What goes well with this bag?


In terms of glitter (or bling), is considered neutral. Or it can be your accent point depending on your outfit (even flowery prints).

Neely and Chloe glitter shoulder bag

How would you store this bag?

Most high-end bags come with a dust bag – so I’d recommend putting it in a dust bag. Stuff the bag to ensure the shaping doesn’t warp. Store the bag in a safe place where it doesn’t get push up against (a box can help in this situation).

Neely & Chloe no. 54 blind date glitter bag


Measuring in at 5 inches by 10 inches, this bag can be customized by Neely and Chloe. The chain is 24 inches long and is adjustable. Spot cleaning is recommended. The bag was designed in New York using materials from Spain and Portugal. The Blind Date Glitter Bag converts into a clutch as well.

Where can I buy it?

You can find it listed in the BagBirdy shop!

Final comments

The price point is the perfect one. It’s a small bag. Although some small bags, if they are cute enough, can be very expensive – like $1,000 (for say a Yves St. Laurent). This is cute enough, and sophisticated enough, but it’s still in the less than $100 range – so it’s perfect!

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