When it comes to designer handbags, we all have our favorites. Whether you are a committed Louis Vuitton buff or a devoted Chanel disciple, there is no questioning the stunning designer investments sitting in our wardrobes.

But we can all agree; we can also be creatures of habit! And we all know the killer price tags designer pieces command!

If your new year’s resolution is to try something new, here are five designer bag labels making the cool girl look more reasonably priced.

Little Liffner

Founded in 2012 by Paulina Liffner, Little Liffner defines simplicity and craftsmanship at an accessible price point.

A counter-movement to the ‘’It’’ bag, these perfectly formed, box-like bags, have been a street style favorite since 2017.

These designer pieces feature a logo-free minimalist sophistication that is both timeless and includes a playful spirit.


Founded in 2015 by Naza Yousefi, Yufenzi are the handcrafted luxury box bags that have become a cult sensation on Instagram.

Costing considerably less than your average It bag, these little pieces of arm candy prove that small is the new luxury.

The miniature statement bags feature the exposed hardware that keeps the box structure together, a design element that highlights the modernist, unconventional craftsmanship that goes into making the bag.

Manu Atelier

Made in Turkey, Manu Atelier is the new favorite brand that is charming the fashion elite with their multi-colored range of luxury handbags, as compact as they are chic.

Costing a fraction of the four-figure totes and clutches you’re used to seeing, Manu Atelier’s candy-color bags are your new source of cool, affordable It bags.

We love the special geometric technique, the lid-like flap and the primary color palette on the Pristine bag.

Danse Lente

Dance Lente (meaning slow dance in French) is an upcoming designer brand that from the looks of it, has some of the most beautifully sculptured bags around.

This London-based brand focuses on superior leather bags inspired by modern aesthetics and architecture – which means structured bodies and romantic color palette.

Form Lorna, the chic oversized bucket bag, the boxy Young and the trippy Johnny, these early champions offer Dense Lente an enormous potential that could be realized very quickly.

If you’re looking for standout pieces, which are easier on the pocket, these bags are the ideal mini offering.

Cult Gaia

Launched in 2012 by Jasmin Larian, Cult Gaia created one of the most memorable, least expensive It bag in recent memory. The very popular ‘’Ark Bag’’ became an influencer staple last year due to its instantly recognizable half-moon shape, rigid structure, and graphic design.

The ‘’Ark Bag’’ has made it into the hands of mainstream bloggers as well as straight-up celebrities including the fashionable Rihanna and Beyoncé.

With a bag that is already a certified cult hit and has a 2,500-person waiting list; let’s wait and see if Cult Gaia can work the same magic for more utilitarian designer bags.

What do you think of the new wave of designer brands in town? Share your thoughts with us down below!

About the Author: Naomy is a freelance fashion writer with a wide range of interests. She is in love with traveling, analog photography, a sci-fi fanatic and never stops exploring new aspects of life. She loves all things fashion, food and cappuccino served in cute cups. Follow her on Twitter at @NaomyBrian.

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