TedBaker Gem Garden-Tote-closeup

What is there not to love about a simple tote? To welcome fall, we are giving away this lovely Ted Baker Gem Garden Tote for October.

I love totes of all sizes and colors – don’t you? I especially like this one because it’s sturdy and can stand on it’s own. I feel like the items I place inside stay put. They don’t fall on top of each other, but stay their ground in their set places.

This Ted Baker Tote is a beauty, literally, covered in bejeweled flowers with diamonds and pearls in 3D. It truly is an artwork you can wear!

edBaker Gem Garden-Tote

The pattern is most dense at the bottom with the lighter colors, moving up to a solid chic black. The outside of the double straps are black while the inside facing part shows the gem garden flowers.

This tote can be used in so many ways in all occasions. Since it’s PVC, spills can be just wiped off. It could be used as a lunch bag even!


Size: H 10 x W 9.75 x D 4.5″
Straps: 6″ drop with 2 straps
Material: 100% PVC with polyester lined zippered inside pocket with gold hardware

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