Blue bag

Edgy and eccentric, this bag is exceptionally awesome!

Lose the boring, ordinary crossbody bags, and ramp up your accessory game with a fresh and extraordinary statement bag! This vibrant blue, hard-cased round leather purse is so far from your norm that you will feel like a whole different person! You can definitely flaunt your dynamic personality when carrying such a stand-out bag but aren’t exchanging style for functionality.

It’s exceedingly easy to get bored with the same-old average handbag. And even worse when you become boring because your handbag is a plain pleather purse. So if you’re ready to make a bold move, and okay with standing out, this crossbody bag is your holy grail. Combining a lively color with a radical shape, it’s an instant eye-catcher. Plus its handmade construction will give you confidence in its durability and reliability.

Blue bag side

This stunning blue leather can be your pop of color to all your outfits!

What is more exciting than color? And this crossbody bag is a bright and energetic blue leather. Made of a thick genuine cow leather that is dyed blue, it is sewn together in this awesome circular shape. You never have to worry about matching when it comes to a statement color. It will add a sassy pop to any outfit and can greatly enhance your spring and summer wardrobe. Especially for girls that are hesitant to choose flats or heels as their color statement, this is a safer choice that is still on the wild side.

Blue bag worn

Unique round framework radiating rock and roll!

While you’re feeling a little bit more edgy, beyond the flashy color, this purse is an architectural anomaly. Instead of normal square-ish bags that are thin and frumpy, this purse is a perfect circle and has a hard body to keep its shape. At first glance it seems like a case for a musical instrument which, combined with the color, gives it a sweet rock-and-roll vibe. There is silver clasp on the front of the bag that adds some metal-glam but does not actually close the bag. The top of the bag closes with a hidden zipper featuring a matching blue leather pull.

Blue bag inside

Faux leather lining and surprising space inside!

An advantage of the hard body construction of this purse is the automatic super space. This bag is 2.5 inches wide all around and a total of 11.4 inches in diameter. The inside of the bag is lined with a faux leather and conveniently has two pockets. One is a zippered pocket and the other one is sewn in and ideal for your phone or debit cards. Although it has a peculiarly awesome construction, it does have a lot of room to carry all your daily necessities, including space for a small notebook or iPad. It also has a 41 inch adjustable strap that resembles a belt.

If you’re ready to let out your wild side and add some edge to your fashion game, this round crossbody bag is a must. You absolutely can’t beat the color and style of this one-of-a-kind gem!

BogaBag also has other round bags in different color leathers!

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