Satchel Laying

Canvas and leather and wool, oh my!

If it’s a hot summer day in the city, or a chilly fall day in the country, this satchel is an all-around win. A utilitarian crossbody bag with a splash of color and a simple swagger that will boost your confidence and stash your stuff! It’s perfect petite size is ideal for everyday use while it’s dynamic style will impress your friends.

Satchel Worn

A hip bag with a charming pop of color!

Technically most purses can be referred to as satchel, but this bag really epitomizes the name. A satchel is defined as a small bag (leather or cloth) that is normally carried by a shoulder strap. This waxed canvas crossbody bag would be image next to the noun in the dictionary! It’s a smallish bag and is worn over the shoulder, more specifically crossbody, which allows for hands-free functionality. It’s a sweet bonus that the bag is made of a combination of stylish materials and has charming details.

Satchel Sitting

Handmade with lots of attention to detail!

This snazzy satchel is handmade out of waxed canvas and a wool fabric accent. The majority of the bag, including the fold-over flap, is a neutral brown canvas that is suffused with wax to make it more durable and resistant to water and damage. The middle portion of the front of the bag (under the flap) features a bright ombre wool fabric. This is such a unique and fantastic addition to this bag. It is a warm red and purple color tone and excellently compliments the canvas and leather accents. Below the wool is a small horizontal leather strip that is attached with brassy rivets and secures a long leather strap that overlays the front flap for security. The unlikely combination of canvas, wool, and leather is modern and breathtaking!

Satchel Open

Khaki lining with a discreet pocket inside!

The excellent design detail continues to the inside of the satchel. The entire interior is lined with a khaki-colored organic twill material. There is a large square pocket sewn into the back of the bag for easy accessibility to your phone or keys. The pocket measures 5.5 inches wide and tall. The main part of the bag is a valuable size; it is 9 inches in height and 8.5 inches wide. It can easily stow all your daily essentials and a bonus book or iPad. The satchel falls perfectly at hip level with the strap length being 42 inches. The strap is the brown waxed canvas as the rest of the bag, and is attached on either side of the purse with brassy rivets so you can rest assured that the bag is durable!

Satchel Worn2

Impress your friends with your unique and awesome fashion sense!

This smart little satchel will be your dream bag come true! It’s a great size for a crossbody purse and has amazing fabric combinations. You’ll definitely be the talk of the town with this bag on your hip!

ButtonsandTweed has other waxed canvas satchels featuring wool.

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