Front view of the brilliant pattern!

Front view of the brilliant pattern!

Nothing completes an ensemble like the right pop of color.  And every lady needs a carryall for the essentials.  Voila!  This bright, floral clutch takes the cake when it comes to color and convenience!  The blues and greens on this 100% cotton clutch are vividly dazzling!  Watch out Kate Spade!  Although it resembles the chic designer’s love of vibrant colors and feminine pattern, this pouch makes its own elegant statement.  Not to mention, the great price allows you to carry more of your hard-earned dollar bills inside your clutch versus spending them on it.

Floral Clutch - Size Reference

Perfect Size!

This bag is simple in its overall design; a rectangle pouch.  But it is the perfect size to be both a statement accessory and convenient carryall.   It measures 12 inches by 9 inches, (barely larger than a standard piece of copy paper for reference) which makes this as roomy a clutch that you’re going to get.  Ideal for carrying your phone, wallet, cosmetics and the countless odds and ends that end up at the bottom of a women’s purse.  The floral pattern on the outside is abstract and dainty.  It doesn’t ooze “girly” but is still obviously effeminate.  An alternate, but still complimentary, floral pattern lines the inside of the purse using the same turquoise color scheme.  And to top off the snazzy color complex, the zipper is a bright yellow accent!  Trendy and sharp, this clutch is a must have addition.

Floral Clutch - Inside and Out

Beautiful complimentary patterns with a flashy accented zipper!

The possibilities are limitless for accessorizing this clutch to any wardrobe.  It makes for a must for everyday use.  From the teeny-bopper in college, to the working woman it will compliment any daily outfit, and add a splash of brilliance.  Obviously perfect for spring but can brighten up any season, especially those drab winter months.  You can get matchy-matchy with like-colors, or allow it to be your statement piece next to a simple neutral outfit.    And it doesn’t have to conform as just a clutch.  It can alternatively be used as a cosmetic bag or writing utensil pouch.  And since oversized bags are the rage, you can even toss it in your tote but still keep your essentials separate.

Floral Clutch - Inside View

Complementary inner lining!

In the search to find a chic purse, this bright blooming clutch tops the list.  It hits the mark in every category, from size to decoration to utility.  And at such a steal, after you snag one for yourself, this makes the perfect gift for any gal!

You can find this bag and more at Carrie Joan Studio.

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