Did you know gold is trending in 2023? Gold has been outshined by silver and rose gold for far too long. It’s time gold metallic shines once again. You’ll need a gold designer handbag to use this trend, but which ones are luxury?

Don’t worry! We’ve shopped around to find the best gold designer bag luxury designers have to offer. That way, you can rock this new year in style.

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s an in-depth look at the best gold designer handbags:


1. Bottega Veneta’s Metallic Leather Clutch

Bottega Veneta’s Metallic Leather Clutch

This clutch is one of the most expensive bags on our list, coming in at a whopping $4,500. However, it’s worth the cost since its signature gold leather weave can’t be found anywhere else.

Inside, it has a thick gold leather compartment that fits your phone, a small wallet, and your keys. Plus, it has a magnetic closure that looks like a tied knot.

This clutch is elegant and sophisticated, although it can be dressed up or down. It’s fit for a walk down the red carpet with a striking dress or is an excellent accessory for a casual brunch.

Either way, there’s simply no wrong way to wear it. Just make sure you don’t pair it with loud patterned clothes. It looks best when paired with solid colors and simple patterns.

Plus, its simplicity and shining gold color attract the eye, thus drawing people’s attention away from your outfit and toward the accessory. This purse doesn’t blend in; it stands out!


2. Moschino’s Alarm Clock Leather Crossbody

Moschino’s Alarm Clock Leather Crossbody

Look no further than the Moschino Alarm Clock Crossbody if you want a statement purse. It contains a giant alarm clock design on the front and back, so no matter how you wear it, you’ll be displaying the unique design.

It even comes with two brass-toned bells as well as two brass-tone legs.

It has a relatively sizable interior compartment lined with fabric and a small card slot. You can fit your phone, a regular-sized wallet, a few makeup products, and your keys into the bag.

It’s undoubtedly one of a kind and perfect for a person who has a quirky style. Due to its unique design, it stands out, so wear it with solid colors or a simple pattern. You don’t want it to take away from a patterned or overly accessorized look.

This bag costs $2,000; however, some places have it on sale for $1,200 right now. That’s an $800 markdown, so if you’re interested in this purse, buy it today.


3. Jimmy Choo’s Bonny Sequin Crossbody Bag

Jimmy Choo’s Bonny Sequin Crossbody Bag

If you’re looking for a sequin bag, then the Jimmy Choo Bonny Sequin Crossbody is what you need. It has a thick layer of tiny gold sequins all over the bag to ensure its shininess.

Inside, it has a small fabric-lined compartment with a smaller slip pocket. You can fit your phone and a small wallet, but that’s about it. It is equipped with a gold metal chain to wear this bag on your shoulder.

Now, before you ask, yes, the chain is detachable; that way, if you want to use it as a clutch, you can. For closure, it has a zipper to make your bag easy to open and close.

This small gold designer bag is perfect for wearing to the club or a meal with friends. It’s simple but extravagant.

Unlike the previous bags, its simplicity can make it blend in at times. It makes a great accessory to pair with any look, whether patterned or not.

As costs are concerned, it’s relatively cost-efficient. It’s priced at only $850, which is cheaper for a designer bag.


4. Michael Kors Karlie Medium Embossed Crossbody Bag

Michael Kors Karlie Medium Embossed Crossbody Bag

This bag is sure to impress. It has a black and white snakeskin embossed finish around the bag, but the color fades to gold in the middle of the pattern.

Inside it has a medium-sized compartment with polyester lining. There is one smaller slip pocket and three card slots. It can fit your phone, a small wallet, your keys, and a couple of small makeup products.

While this bag does have a top handle, it also comes with a leather and gold metal crossbody strap. Don’t worry; the strap is detachable so that you can wear this bag as a satchel or crossbody purse.

This bag leans more casual than formal. So it’s perfect for running errands, eating out, or visiting with friends. Since this bag is pattern heavy, it’s best to pair this purse with outfits that are solid in color.

It surprisingly costs as little as $458, but this gold designer handbag is on sale for $278 in most luxury stores. How nice is that? That’s a $180 difference!


5. Stella McCartney’s Falabella Mini Crystal Mesh Shoulder Bag

Stella McCartney’s Falabella Mini Crystal Mesh Shoulder Bag

This purse is perfect for a night out on the town. It has a gold crystal mesh overlay featured all over the bag.

Inside, it has a deep compartment that’s satin lined and a small slip pocket. You can easily fit your phone, keys, a small wallet, a small chapstick, or an item of similar size.

It has two top handles as well as a chain shoulder strap. Sadly, unlike other purses, the chain strap is not detachable. So if you don’t want to wear it with the shoulder strap, you’ll have to put it inside the purse, which will take up room from your items.

This purse is casual but stylish. It’s perfect for a night at the club, a concert, or a shopping spree. It’s priced relatively low, only costing $1,100.


6. JW Anderson’s Twister Small Metallic Leather Handbag

JW Anderson’s Twister Small Metallic Leather Handbag

This JW Anderson gold metallic handbag is just what you’ll need. It has a metallic finish leather exterior and a twisted top handle.

Its interior features a Nappa leather lining and one slip pocket. It has enough room to fit your phone, a small wallet, and your keys, but due to its small size, you’ll most likely not be able to put much more inside.

This shoulder bag does come with a detachable chain strap, so you can wear it on your shoulder or hold the purse by its handle. This purse tends to lean more casual than formal, so keep the strap off.

This bag will be an excellent accessory for running errands, going to a concert, or simply visiting with friends. It costs $1,050, but we are sure there will be a gold designer bag sale soon, so you can pick it up for a lower price.


7. Rosantica’s Supernova Embellished Clutch

Rosantica’s Supernova Embellished Clutch

If statement purses are your thing, you’ll undoubtedly want to purchase this bag. The supernova embellished clutch comes in a star-shaped silhouette. It’s decorated with little crystals and a logo charm.

It’s truly remarkable but not that practical. Due to its shape, you won’t be able to fit your phone in this bag. The most it can hold is probably your keys, one makeup product, and cash.

It has a clasp closure to ensure your items won’t spill out, but sadly the clasp can be hard to fasten. This purse is great for formal events and can, like most purses, be dressed up or down.

However, because of its unique shape, wear solid colors or light prints to make the purse the star of the show. It costs $1,800, which is not surprising for a luxury statement purse.


8. BVLGARI’s Serpenti Crystal Dust Crossbody Bag

BVLGARI’s Serpenti Crystal Dust Crossbody Bag

To finish the list, we have our most expensive bag, the Sepenti Crystal Dust Crossbody. It costs a hefty $4,700. Can you believe that?

Its exterior is made of goat leather and is embellished with light-attracting gold crystals. The purse was inspired by the way snakes change their skin. So to honor their inspiration, BVLGARI included a snake head embellished with crystals on the bag’s snap closure.

On the inside, the purse has a leather lining and a medium size interior. It includes one slip pocket and, surprisingly enough, a handheld mirror. You can fit your phone, a small wallet, and your keys, but not much more.

Now, this bag is classified as a crossbody bag because it comes with a gold metal chain strap. However, it’s detachable, so you can leave it on or take it off and use this purse as a medium-sized clutch.

While it’s a relatively simple design, it’s also extravagant. So this purse isn’t one you can dress up or down; instead, it’s best paired with formal or black tie attire.


Purchase a Gold Designer Bag Today

Purchasing a small gold designer bag is more challenging than it looks. You first need to determine what type of bag you want and which purse suits you.

For example, buy Bottega Veneta’s Metallic Leather Clutch if you want a clutch. If you want a statement purse, purchase Moschino’s Alarm Clock Leather Crossbody or Rosantica’s Supernova Embellished Clutch.

However, if you want a crossbody bag, buy BVLGARI’s Serpenti Crystal Dust Crossbody Bag or Jimmy Choo’s Bonny Sequin Crossbody Bag. Remember, some of these gold metallic handbags are on sale, so look for sale prices or marked-down discounts.

Now, shop our website today to purchase one of these luxury designer bags or other purses.

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