Wallet straight view

Terrific tribal patterns in a saucy southwestern color scheme!

It is time to get tribal! If you haven’t jumped on the trend yet, now is the time, and this wallet is the way. It’s a simple step to add some southwestern flair without looking like you’re jumping head over heels onto the bandwagon. This wallet is second to none in terms of style and purpose.

The tribal trend is no longer exclusive to bad tattoos. Now that a huge fashion influence is southwestern prints and color schemes, tribal is extremely popular. This wallet has a simple and stylized tribal print with a color block triangular flap. With circles and triangles and sharp lines, the pattern is cute and recurrent. While the colors are contrastingly lively and muted, with bright pink and cream, navy and darkened mint green, and then a rusty orange for the flap. The large swath of rusty orange really embodies the southwestern charm, along with the mountain-esque triangular lines.

Color Swath view

Rusty orange is superb for fall!

When you pop the flaps open, the inside of this wallet is lined with 100% black cotton. The black is a great contrast from the alternating outer colors. There are multiple pockets inside for all your important elements. There are two pockets that are 2.5 inches by 4 inches for you ID and debit/credit cards. Then there is one big pocket the length of the wallet that can fit cash, a checkbook, or even your phone. There is also a metal swivel clip where you can attach your keys for safe-keeping. The fact that you can stow away your phone and keys allows this wallet to go from hidden in your purse to a carry-all clutch if necessary.

Wallet open

Midnight black cotton inside with perfect pockets!

The outside of this wallet, in all its colorful glory, is also made of 100% cotton. And has been reinforced at its stress points to ensure its durability. The wallet measures a total of 8.25 inches long and 4 inches tall. There is a neat little magnetic snap on the front of the wallet that the triangular flap connects to; easily letting this wallet transform to a smart little clutch to go with your southwestern outfits.

Wallet Slant view

Wallet during the day, and clutch purse for night!

If you’re looking for a useful wallet that can convert into a clutch, you have found the perfect accessory. With awesome tribal patterns in a color combination that you’ll love. This wallet can easily tuck into your purse during your normal use, but then can stand alone as a simply clutch bag when you just need your essentials. Not to mention if you’re looking for an awesome gift for a gal-pal, look no further.

GoodMarvin has other handmade wallets in even more colors and patterns!

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